Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Where is Alice?

Not here,


or here,

or even here...

Where can she be?

Ah yes, she is at Silvana's!
Today was Alice's first day of "practice" at the daycare. She stayed with her new friends from 8:30 am until 1 pm. We just got home, and the tired little muffin went straight to bed for a nap. She was exhausted from all the new experiences.
Silvana reported that Alice had a good time, ate well, napped a little and did not miss her mummy after she left (or didn't show it...)
Also, the gang went to the park to play, and it would seem that Alice LOVED playing in the sandbox. Silvana thought that it might be something familiar from home, but I said no, it was her first time! Perhaps we'll have to invest in a sandbox (or a time-share on the beach in Mexico!) Maybe our our little sweatpea is destined for the earth sciences after all - she will be a sedimentologist!!!

On our way this morning

Alice and her gear.

We will post more photos later to prove that both Alice and mummy survived the experience!


Pascale D. said...

C,est souvent plus difficile pour les parents que pour les enfants. Et comme on est totalement sûre que vous avez choisi une super place pour la belle Alice, faut laisser aller les choses et tout se passe bien. Bravo ALICE!!!!!! Et tu sais Simonne a un bac à sable ici, si tu veux venir???

Pascale et Simonne sans le Papa qui est à Moscou!!!!

La famille Lavergne said...

Bravo Alice... ou plutôt bravo Lucy!! Je suis contente que tout c'est bien passé. Je suis certaine Qu'Alice va beaucoup aimer jouer avec ses nouveaux amis.


Anonymous said...

way to go alice! so proud of you. i had so much fun visiting and playing with your toys. lindsay says hi and hope you like your new book.i look forward to more time together later in the summer. hi lucy, hope you are safe guy, take care. lots of love gareth. xoxo

Luguy said...

Oh yes, thank-you Lindsay for the lovely book. I'm sure our Alice will grow up to love and take care of her teddies!

Anonymous said...

Alice, C'est fait. Une des grandes étapes de ta vie vient de passer. De ce que je vois et que je lis ta Mom et toi vous en êtes bien sorties. Ceci est toujours à vérifier avec Lucy! Guy gars s'en vient bientôt. Amusez vous bien. Amour La Lyse

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of an empty nest Lucy!!! Alice went to daycare and got dirty this sounds familiar. Love gran xxxx