Sunday, October 29, 2006

A walk in the park with grand-maman Hebert

Pround parents with new stroller.

Guy and Grand-maman Hebert.

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The duck pond at Centre de la Nature in Laval.

Those polar bears are a serious menace and are not to be messed with!!

I am smiling here only because this ferocious specimen has been subdued with a powerful tranquilizer (breast milk).

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As you can see from this close-up, this savage bloodthirsty beast strikes fear in the most bold and experienced inuit trackers.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Alice goes visiting...

On Tuesday morning, we visited with Alice's friend Simonne, her mum Pascale and her grandparents who are also visiting from Manitoba. Unfortunately Simonne's dad Eric is off visiting far-offs lands (missing his daughter no doubt)

Alice got to see what a big girl Simonne is - walking, dancing and playing with dolls. Only one year until Alice gets to run around with her!

For more pics, have a peek at Simonne's blog (look to the list on the right side of this page)

Big girl at her desk!

But why is she crying?

Simonne seemed to want to go for a ride in Alice's carseat!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

La visite de grand-maman Hebert

The grandma hold, not to be mistaken with the wrestling move made famous by ChiChi Rodrigues, is difficult to break. We had to call in the fire department to separate them the last time.

Cute little starfish!

Here is Alice in the adorable winter suit sent by Lucy's cousin Jessica (Alice's second-cousin?)

This sweater also came in the package of clothes that Jessica had grown out of... Looks like the last time Alice will be wearing it!

We got it right this time!

Here is Alice again in the cloth baby carrier. This wrap was a success!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Casual Friday.

Baby's got new wheels...

Auntie Jean and Uncle Brian bought a snazzy new stroller for Alice. Though it isn't self-propelled, and it doesn't change her diapers, it's pretty darned convenient - light, manoeuvrable, compact, and oh-so-stylish!

A special bonus: she can tote all of her most important possessions around with her!

When you're this tired...

... any sleeping position is comfortable!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starting to play!

All of those colourful and noisy toys weren't just for mom and dad to play with... Alice is starting to get in on the action!

Family portraits

Here are some photos of the happy family (including grandma and grandad), taken on Sunday - Alice's one-month birthday!!! Morale was especially high that day, since we all had a good night's sleep. Two four hour long intervals - in the same night!

Even on the sleepless nights, we couldn't be happier. Alice is beautiful, and growing and changing right before our eyes. Every moment is truly precious and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives!

Hugs to you and your little (and big) kids


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Growing like a weed!

Thursday was Alice's first appointment with her pediatrician. She was so patient and happy as the doctor stretched her out to measure her, flexed her legs and checked her eyesight, and daddy undressed her to be weighed.

Our little crevette is now a jumbo shrimp... she weighs 10 pounds even (up from 7 lbs 11 oz at birth), and is 55 cm tall (up from 49 cm)!!!

At the end of the appointment she was given a clean bill of health!

Alice and her proud daddy

Look what I found waving around in front of my face...

Yum yum. My hand!

"Miss, miss... I have a question"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A wonderful Thanksgiving surprise!!!

The family congregated at Ben and Katherine's house for a delicious Thanksgiving brunch yesterday.

Even better than the food (which was really great), was the fantastic announcement by Ben that he and Katherine are engaged!!!
The happy, happy couple!

Alice wearing her Thanksgiving best!

After the feast...

Daddy's off to work.

Today is Guy's first day back at work after his three weeks of paternity leave (he has two more weeks left - which he will take later in the year)
We're all a bit sad that our little family is being split up for the weekdays. But now we will begin to settle into new routines. And what fun we will all have together on the weekends!
Have a good day dad!

Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn (merci Simonne!)

But she's so small and fragile...

Building chemical and nuclear plants? No problem.

But holding a three week old baby? Now that intimidating!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bath time can be fun!

Our little crevette has not loved getting naked for bath time... until we happened to bathe her when she was still half asleep. It didn't seem to bother her at all!


Let's do lunch!

Uncle Brian and Auntie Jean are over from England for a couple of weeks.

They stopped by yesterday to have a cuddle with Alice (they needed proof that she exists in 3D - not just on the Blog!)

She loves having visitors!

Dreaming of her future career?

We went for a sunny afternoon stroll yesterday...

Alice slept (of course), and we caught her practicing for her future in medicine.

Scrubbed in, and ready for surgery!!

Waking up is hard to do...

Alice is beautiful and peaceful pretty much 24 hours a day...

There are only a few moments between sleeping and feeding that can get a little difficult. The faces she makes leading up to that time are quite precious...

We still think she's adorable - even when she's angry!