Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From the archives

Yes, you've already seen the Halloween costume photos.

But you haven't seen the costume modelling photo from the week before the big night.

What a happy duck!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A flash of 14 months.

We are still trying to take some monthly (bi-monthly) growth photos of Alice, but now that she is walking (ahem, running) all over the place, it's difficult to get her to pose for a photo session.

That might make these even better!

Remember this place?

On Sunday evening we needed to make another quick visit to the Children's Hospital.
Just checking on some plumbing issues.

We're all good now.

I'm gonna git you!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank-you Children's Hospital!

After our trip to Denver, Alice's little cold turned into an ugly cough and then a high fever. We stayed home from daycare/work to help her recover, but the poor little thing wasn't getting any better... so last Saturday evening we spent a few hours at the Montreal Children's Evening, being poked and prodded (and when I say we... I mean Alice)

Diagnosis - Ear Infection!!!

Treatment - Antibiotics and TLC from mum and dad.

Who doesn't want to spend Saturday night in the hospital waiting room?

This Saturday was a different story...

We went to Gran and Grandad's to celebrate Gran's 60th birthday, and enjoyed nice treats, music by Gareth, and playing some old classic records...

Where are my Elvis albums?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

$ Thank-you Canadian Dollar $

Last weekend we spent 5 days in Denver, Colorado, as Guy was attending the Geological Society of America convention. What a fantastic trip we had, enjoying beautiful weather, great food, lovely sights and extremely friendly people.

Everyone else was talking on their phones when we landed... so Alice joined in!
A gorgeous room in a funky hotel.

With a super view of the mountains and a construction site below
(jaloux, Nicolas?)

Denver City Library - modern and colourful

Strolling to the mall

(notice the dress Auntie Katherine)

There are a lot of Starbucks in Denver. Like on every corner.

Alice has a latte addiction problem now... we're seeking help.

Lucy and Alice discovering the "LoDo" (Lower Downtown) while Guy was busy learning

A day spent at Rocky Mountain National Park.
"Crown jewel of the national park system" (no kidding - it was gorgeous)

Token geology shot.

Beautiful drive-scapes.

Who knew there was a kid's menu at the Hard Rock Cafe

(no, not ribs and brisket - that was Guy's meal)

Sunny day, but cool in the mountains.

These birds were so friendly they were nearly pests as we picnicked

A favorite place to hang out in the hotel room.

It was hot and dry in the room!

Sharing a smoothie.

The Denver Art Museum

Art outside the museum

Exploring the famed 16th Street Mall

Horses daddy, clip clop.

Sunny strolling.

The view from above.

Quack, quack, BOO!

After barely recovering from a wonderful but exhausting trip to Denver (photos to follow soon -chronology is so overrated), we pulled our act together for a short but enjoyable Halloween evening.

Straight out of the bath (showers only in the Denver hotel room!) to check out the pumpkin that dad carved. Is that a pig nose?

Alice was not impressed with mum's rocker costume.

Dad's hockey player was just a little better

(check out my candy bag Only 4 houses and it is nearly full!)

Now this Guy has a cool costume

(He was waiting, completely immobile on his front step for trick-or-treaters to arrive. Not to worry, he didn't scare our little duck)

Hey you guys, this poor pig lost his body!