Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Did we miss a birthday?

Not really, just the blogging of Estelle's 7th birthday last month.

Just like her big sis, she invited 3 girls to order pizza, play games, and sleep over. We even made a second attempt at a Pinata with real candy in it this time!

Oh, by the way, Estelle totally reads in English and in French now.
No biggie... (!!!!!!)

Alice helping to organize the little ones.

The BFF, Emma

Peace, Love and Princesses

Chocolate cake and milk.
Birthday Bliss.

Tis the Season

It was a late start getting ready for Christmas this year, but we're back on track with lights, tree, and advent calendars.

No Christmas baking yet, but we do have 3 naughty elves!!

Shoebox Project

Lucy initiated the first annual Shoebox Project collection at her office. It was slow to get started, but we amassed a total of 19 boxes to be distributed to women in shelters across the Montreal region.

Here are the girls proving we dropped off the gear at the YMCA (not all our boxes behind them!)


Lucy has had wonderful opportunities through work to travel to some pretty incredible places - Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Australia... all in the blink of an eye.

If you think it sounds exciting and exotic, well it is... sort of... Many, many hours are spent getting there, many more spent in conference rooms for meetings, and a few in restaurants for long, awkward dinners. Just a few special minutes are reserved for getting out and seeing local people, scenery and, hopefully, wallabies!

La Paz, Bolivia, as seen from a conference room

Big, big plane with free jammies to change into during the 13 hour flight!

Sydney Opera house sending up fireworks to announce the end of our travel season!

Mosque in Kazakhstan as seen from hotel room.

Snow in Kazakhstan - wish we had some of that.