Friday, June 13, 2014

Tour de ... block!

Estelle is working on her two wheel cycling skills... with a little help from two littler wheels!

Friends with Benefits!

The girls are starting to enjoy inviting their pals over for costumes, face painting, making potions and strolling in the woods. it's lovely to see them play all the while developing their social skills and imaginations (don't tell them I said that...)

C'mon in, the water's warm!

Blue lips just don't flatter our complexions... so we decided to take the plunge (ha!) and have a pool heater installed to keep the water warm even after a week of rain or cool weather.

We're marking the calendar as June 8th being the first day of swimming for 2014. Nothing remarkable, but we'll try to keep it running until Alice's birthday in September.

We made lemonade!

The girls were happy to use the enormous box left over from the pool heater (more on that later...) to build a lemonade stand with their friends from down the street (two sisters we have a feeling we'll see quite a bit of this summer)

They sold 2 cups (in addition to all those bought by parents) and even re-purposed the box a few days later to make a spaceship. They're so Etsy!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Special guest

Last Friday Estelle was allowed to invite a guest to visit the daycare and to see her artwork, friends and also to eat cupcakes!

Of course Daddy was up for the challenge, so here there are perusing her workbooks together.

Here is the wall of art the kids prepared that day for their guests. Estelle's is a mermaid with her makeup vanity and a rock chair to sit on. Take a look at how thin the furniture lets are which she expertly cut around without chopping them off.