Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Last week we posted photos of the updated flower bed at the front, but forgot to show what is was like before we started.
Oh well.
Here is the gardening crew at work and at play!

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Ecocentre museum

A few weeks ago we visited the Eco-museum in the West Island of Montreal. It is home to many animals that have been orphaned or injured. We were lucky to arrive at a time when every single one of the species was active so we saw otters swimming, fox scampering, bears lumbering and porcupines waddling!

Alice and Estelle were both very patient waiting to spot the critters and not banging on glass, poking their fingers through fences or yelling at the animals.

This is not the best photo, but there were several varieties of owls, and each of them was Estelle's favorite!!!
Two-wit Two-woo
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Alice at Harmonie Soleil

We asked Alice's daycare teacher to take a few snaps of her and her friends during the day. Looks like a fun place to hang out while mum and dad are working to me!
Getting ready for nap time
(although Alice rarely sleeps anymore, just 30-40 minutes of downtime and she's ready to go again)

Making a castle?

Beautiful decorations... all handmade!

Maytag repair girls?

La gang (minus one)
Justine, Nicolas, Gregory, Alice, Chloe, Samuel, Philippe, Eva
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Monday, May 02, 2011

Mini Play Date

Alice's daycare friend, Gregory, dropped in for a quick visit while out for a bike ride with his family. These two have actually been friends since attending the same family daycare when they were under a year old.

Unfortunately, Gregory will be attending a different school in the fall, but they're enjoying fun times together while they can.

A quick game of Monopoly.

(notice how Alice is sitting, Gran and Grandad. This is not allowed at school, for fear of developing faulty hips. But we don't mind much.)

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Shhh... it's a secret!

Guy built a secret door in our backyard fence. The door is nearly imperceptible from the outside and allows us to quickly access our pharmacy, restaurants, and grocery store.

If you come visit, we will share our secret with you happily!


Path to Narnia?

Meanwhile, Alice was busy making her own outdoor contraptions

And Lucy did some long overdue gardening in the front flower bed

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Sunday, May 01, 2011


In honour of Uncle Sol's birthday, here are some of the girls' latest chef d'oeuvres.
Read the inscription transcribed by Alice's teacher for her
(p.s. the van is on the left and the car on the right!)

Estelle's first face!
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Making friends

At a new park we visited yesterday, Estelle saw a little girl she wanted to play with. She tried coaxing her over to a different play structure:

Coy tilt of the head...

"Viens avec moi, little girl?"

Unfortunately the girl didn't follow, but Estelle didn't take it personally, and we're sure she will keep making friends for the rest of her life.

Speaking of bilingualism, Alice was called to an individual French assessment session at the elementary school she will start attending in September. Seems they needed to make sure her Anglo background wouldn't hold her back. Well, she of course aced the thing, replacing only her "il"s with "y"s, something all Quebecois children do anyhow. Alice will receive an hour a week of slang rehab, and she'll be right back on track with her native peers.