Sunday, April 24, 2011

Parc Gautron

Nous avons passé un bel après-midi avec les Gautrons - jeux, burgers, parc, jasette.
On s'amuse toujours ensembles.
(Eric - envoies-moi ta recette de barres granola, svp!)

Alice et Simonne qui commencent à être trop grandes pour les modules de bébés!

Agathe qui s'est trouvée une place avec un étranger.

White dad can jump!


Agathe qui se ratrappe au groupe.
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(Indoor) Egg Hunt

Not much luck for egg hunting weather this year. Mr Bunny somehow sneaked into our home (during the first overtime of the hockey game on Saturday night) and tucked some eggs all over the living room and kitchen.
Estelle may not have found as many eggs as Alice, but she was so exuberant every time she found one on her own, she may as well have found more eggs that anyone!

My basket is getting full!

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The Garden

Our lovely girls (flowers) getting their groove on.


We made some yummy cupcakes for Uncle Ben's birthday.
Can you guess the theme?

These ones were the leftovers; expertly decorated by Estelle!
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Easter Eggs

We went a little nuts with the glitter on Thursday, but how happy will the Easter Bunny be when he sees our lovely eggs!

Just a sprinkle more...

Estelle's handiwork from daycare.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Dancing Flower

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You've heard of a clown-fish, but have you heard of a clown shark?
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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Lovely Pink Princess (and friend)

A happy handmaid?
(Doesn't she look like Amy Bridge two years ago?)

Spring Day up North

Estelle getting toys from Grandad's shed

There's a new gang in town.
(good thing the leader's so sweet)

SW Manitoba Devil-stick champion, 1997

Rare shot of Lucy and girls

Estelle making apple juice in the new coffee machine
The best picture I managed of the three girls.
Gotta keep trying

Olivia dancing with Grandad
Happiness is two paper-wrapped toys.
Got Katherine chasing me to remove bits of paper...
My handsome hubby

Olivia taking a breather

Monday, April 04, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the photos not being linked in the most recent posts. I am in Thunder Bay now so can't fix it, but will get a technician on it when I get back home. Lucy

Sunday, April 03, 2011

April 1st

We played a number of silly jokes on the girls when they woke up on Friday morning. Then we sent them to daycare with wacky hair, and let them loose on their peers!


Alice doing a mosaic
Estelle's mosaic madness
Sol getting crafty

Spring Cleaning

Mononcle Sol is visiting from Winnipeg for a few days. So we put him to work making giant bubbles and helping us clean the cars.