Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Day up North

Estelle getting toys from Grandad's shed

There's a new gang in town.
(good thing the leader's so sweet)

SW Manitoba Devil-stick champion, 1997

Rare shot of Lucy and girls

Estelle making apple juice in the new coffee machine
The best picture I managed of the three girls.
Gotta keep trying

Olivia dancing with Grandad
Happiness is two paper-wrapped toys.
Got Katherine chasing me to remove bits of paper...
My handsome hubby

Olivia taking a breather


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the whole extended family. Photos of Lucy and Guy with the children are a particular treat! Always like the pictures of Grandpa with the girls - a special connection between the generations.

Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

We had a lovely day,the sun shone,we played, we ate patate frites, and the cousins shared fish crackers!!!!!G@G XXXX

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean SE Manitoba! :P