Monday, January 28, 2008

Maybe you're right...

... this finger paint doesn't taste so good after all.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Look what we found in someone's trash this week! A perfectly good tricycle.

Don't call us cheap - call us recyclers!

Coming in for a kiss

(Thank-you Auntie Jean and Uncle Brian for my wonderful new Disneyworld hat)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our very own vacation!

We aren't the kind of people who lust post photos of our relatives holidays and don't actually go anywhere (see Kenya post below). Sheesh. We are actually taking our very own vacation in a little over a month - cruising style! Here is a link so that you can get excited for us (and maybe just a little jealous)

Some of the Liberty ship facts:

110,000 tons
952 feet in length
116 feet wide
Passengers: 2,974
Crew: 1,160
Registry: Panama

Le voyage d'un autre...

Lyse, René, Sol and Philippe recently returned from an incredible safari/resort vacation in beautiful Kenya. And yes, they were there during the height of the post-elections violence, but were not affected in the least. Lion watching and boat cruising full steam ahead! Lyse gave us a few photos to share with you, and to inspire you to head on over to Africa.

Warthogs on the run

Lyse isn't short. That man just has a REALLY tall hat...

Philou, Sol and René enjoying post safari drinks

Out for a sail

Sol and Philippe

(vous nous avez manquez ce Noel)

" I just can't wait to be king..."

You're not hiding from anyone behind that bush...


Tagada, tagada (a quote from one of Alice's books)

The local yokels.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yes I do.

Meatballs and allen keys

That's right, we made the trip to Ikea for a morning of fun and shopping - Swedish-style. We came back with a box of Rosti (yummy), two new pieces of furniture to accomodate Guy's electronics, and a tiny bed for Alice's dolls.

What are all these pieces for?

We're getting there...

The near-finished product. What's missing? A rug!

Dodo, baby

Dodo, Alice?

Hola Silvana et Andres

Despite a few tears at drop-off time this past week, Alice was happy to be back at daycare with all of her friends. Silvana even gave her a wonderful new hairstyle - her first braids!

Happy New Year

On New Year's day we went skating with the Lavergnes. We were lucky to get out and enjoy the beautiful day before another snowstorm dumped on us.

Woof, woof

Voici mon nouveau chien qui est arrive de la France la semaine derniere.
Maman et papa m'ont dit de bien en prendre soin, parce qu'on risque de ne pas en avoir d'autres...

Une belle grosse boite.

Il est vert!

Merci mononcles Sol et Philippe.

Friday, January 04, 2008

News Flash

Put down The Guardian (Grandad) and turn off your yoga (Auntie K)... here's something worth hearing:

Not only did Alice have her first good 'ole bubble bath last week, but today she ate a bowl of real Rice Krispies for breakfast!