Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

Not too many photos of the morning, since we were busy opening gifts. But we had a super time and the girls received lots of great (small!) pressies. Amazingly enough we were able to cram everything into our suitcases to bring it all home.

Thanks to all the tired grown-ups for getting up early with us.

A junk food breakfast on Christmas morn!
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Christmas Eve

We prepared some grain and hay for the reindeer, and a glass of milk and cookies for Santa.
All was gone in he morning... Hmmmm.

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Random Christmas Fun

Pépé's horses which we frequently visited.
Alice was very at ease approaching the horses, chickens and cats, and even feeding hay to the horses. She is going to be a great junior farmer whenever she visits Manitoba.

Scurrying about in the St-Pierre museum cubbies
(The old town convent)

Janette folding the girls' laundry and giggling the entire time.
(everything is so small and puffy!)

Watching old family slides
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Christmas Crafty-Rama

Baking gingerbread cookies

Making gingerbread houses

Glitter Glue
Homemade Play Dough
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zoom Zoom

With the obligatory reluctant approval from mum, the girls each got a short ride on the ski doo with Daddy. It was chilly and fast but the seemed to enjoy the ride. Alice was especially excited to have her picture taken so that she could show it to her friends in the new year.

Wiener roast

It isn't a true Manitoba winter vacation without partaking in an outdoor wiener roast over an open fire. A temparture of -12 seemed like the best we would get, so we bundled up and headed out with hot dogs and hot chocolate.

So yummy and we were hardly even cold.

Dave teaching the girls how to make spider dogs.

For dessert - marshmallows

Les poules

Alice was able to help Pépé collect the eggs from his chickens. What a great little farmer!

No photos now, I'm on holiday

On second thought, let me ham it up for you:

A gaggle of Desharnais grand-girls

Alice was so excited to play with all the other Desharnais grandchildren at the family Christmas party. She even received a beautiful handmade card from her special "cousine" Katrine (they are closest in age, and Katrine is wearing a brown-ish plaid shirt, centre stage)
(and one little boy)

Tree Trimming

Hurry Pépé, I've got work to do

Help me put the angel higher, Uncle Dave

Low-level trimmer

Just one more on this branch...

And we're off!

After months of hard work and busy schedules, we were able to pack up our snowsuits and head west. We're spending the holidays with Mémé, Pépé, Matante Janette, Uncle Dave, and (soon-to-arrive) Monocle Sol.

Alice was a little jealous of some of her classmates who would be vacationing at Disneyworld, but they had no idea she would be the lucky one. Just wait 'til you hear about the adventures to be had in marvelous Manitoba.

Waiting for our West Jet to arrive in Montreal

A row to ourselves, and Guy on the other side of the aisle

My own TV screen?

Bun-Bun is along for the ride