Tuesday, December 26, 2006

First Christmas for Alice!!!

We woke up to find that Alice was waiting for us by the tree. It appears as though she had been waiting for some time and she was very excited to get started. (note the traditional Potter pillowcase full of gifts in the background).

Once we got started though... wowy wow wow!! This is a lovely jacket that she received from her great-grandmother in Wales. She can't wait to grow into it!

After the gift opening marathon at home we headed for the Potter household where we had a delicious bruch complete with eggs benedict and sparkling wine. Alice had quite a joly good time with her uncles, aunt, and grandparents. (Note uncle Gareth in the foreground wearing a paper crown with a third degree tear; the crown likely tore during one of his theatrical escapades that are meant to induce smiling in Alice)

Merry Christmas!

What an exciting Christmas we've had so far! We have lots of photos and stories to share with you, but right now, we have a plane to catch! We are off to Manitoba to meet Alice's family...

Hope you've had a very Merry Christmas, and we wish you all the best for a healthy and happy new year.

xxx Alice, Lucy & Guy

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things we do...

Read books!
(Notice how I am starting to sit up... daddy says that once I learn to sit up on my own, I will be able to hold a desk job and bring home a salary!)
Wear bibs... (slight increase in the drool quotient)
Can you guess who picked out this one?

Talk to that cute baby in the mirror.

Hang out with mummy and my friends at the breastfeeding clinic.

Can you find Waldo? (I mean, Alice)

Help wrap Christmas presents!

We are keeping busy right up until the Christmas holidays. Alice can't wait for daddy to be home from work full time! Soon we will be flying to Manitoba, and Alice will finally meet her grandfather, auntie, uncles, and most likely a whole bunch of other relatives!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A big week for Alice!

Aside from the excitement surrounding Guy's big birthday, it has been a bit of a milestone week for Alice as well. Since this blog is dedicated to filling you in on the little one's progress... we'd better get to it!

What can we say - she is such a happy baby! This week Alice had her first laughig fit! Sitting on dad's lap and watching mum fold her laundry was apparently hilarious to Alice! She was cracking up, which made everyone laugh harder and harder. Since then,Guy has been showing the video to anyone who stands still for more than 30 seconds. Also, we've been trying just about anything to get a repeat performance.

Alice loves to put her hands in her mouth, but she is also learning to bring toys up to her mouth! We think this is brilliant right now, but eventually we'll be trying to stop her from "gumming" on random objects!

Rest assured - if they get in the way, she still prefers to put her little hands in there!

She loves her musical aquarium, and can even roll the red clam all by herself!

And now onto the subject of sleeping... she's doing a lot of it! We've had several nights of 6 + consecutive hours, AND Alice slept in until 7 am on Friday, and 8:15 am on Saturday!!! Mum and dad were most impressed!

Oh, and no matter how much/little she sleeps, she is still the cutest little thing.

Xstrata Xmas Party

It was the Xstrata Christmas party on Saturday and we got all dressed up, and figured we should take some "formal" pictures.

Our 10$ christmas tree in the background.

While it was quite tough to leave Alice for the evening... we knew she was in good hands with Gran and Grandad. Well, it seems the three of them had a fabulous time, and after a three-hour absence (and only 3 phonecalls home!), we returned to find that Alice was wearing a new outfit. Apparently there was a giant poosplosion and much running around trying to find replacement pj's. The pair that the resourceful babysitters found had no feet so a pair of socks was in order. She looks like a lumberjack after a long shift!

Big Birthday Week

I was so surprised to see my friends at my house after work on Friday. That cunning wife of mine had been sneaking around for some time planning this shindig...
It was a family friendly party of course and Alice was quite happy to see her friends Olivier, Nicolas and Lea.

Gareth was happy to hold her neice once again after a 3 week absence.

Alice was exausted from watching the adults talking about adult things and Gran's lap seemed like a great place for a nap!!
Guy's 30th birthday began a little early this year... He got to taste his birthday cake on the eve of the big day!

Alice was quite proud of the new sweater she gave her dad for his big birthday.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big girl napping

Alice napped in her own bed for the first time since she was teeny-tiny. (she usually naps in the carseat, in her swing, or on someone's lap!)

So pretty in my friend Lea's dress. We're swapping clothes already!

We missed you dad!

Guy is back from his trip to Ontario. Of course he jumped right back into diaper changing and tummy time with Alice!

A new face she started to make while Guy was away.

Phew. Now she can rest easy, daddy is home safe and sound.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Deux c'est mieux..."

Because sometimes one fist just isn't enough!

(For those of you who don't follow Simonne's blog... that is where today's title comes from. It seems Simonne recently adopted a second plush bunny, just in case some unfortunate event should befall her first beloved. We thought it was a good description for this photo!)

Business as usual... but we miss you dad!

Guy is away on training in Kingston this week (no, not Jamaica) So Alice and Lucy are keeping each other company (night and day), with the usual slew of fun activities...




entertaining visitors

snoozing in the carseat

taking photos for daddy

and of course eating!

Come home soon, Guy, so that we can all hang out together.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A short visit

Before Eric heads back out travelling (such a glamorous job!), we headed over for a quick visit with Eric, Pascale and Simonne. Simonne is anxious to hold Alice, and was trying very hard to help her mum take care of the littlest one. She will be a great "older" buddy for Alice!

Alice chatting with Pascale

Friday, December 01, 2006

Her Royal Cuteness

Pretty and pensive.
I'm using my hands! I've started to grasp objects and will hold onto them (with a little help from mum or dad) What fun!

My neck is getting stronger every day

Watching mum entertain me!

Silly face!

Baby it's cold outside...

Doing push-ups on dad's tummy.

Going for a bath! I'm so excited...