Sunday, December 17, 2006

Big Birthday Week

I was so surprised to see my friends at my house after work on Friday. That cunning wife of mine had been sneaking around for some time planning this shindig...
It was a family friendly party of course and Alice was quite happy to see her friends Olivier, Nicolas and Lea.

Gareth was happy to hold her neice once again after a 3 week absence.

Alice was exausted from watching the adults talking about adult things and Gran's lap seemed like a great place for a nap!!
Guy's 30th birthday began a little early this year... He got to taste his birthday cake on the eve of the big day!

Alice was quite proud of the new sweater she gave her dad for his big birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Guy!!! If I remember correctly that was the day that the Desharnais clan would put up the Xmas tree. I know that Alice will be a good girl for you today. She is oh so cute!

Eric et/ou Pascale said...

On aurait bien voulu y être Guy, mais la coordination de la vie de famille sans le papa proche, nous mets devant des choix de travail versus gardienne!!! Bonne fête !!!! ON se reprend bientôt!!!
Gros bisous de nous

Anonymous said...

Hello Guy and Lucy!
What a great idea to share pictures on this blog. Alice is very cute and I look forward to meeting her one day! I love the laughing pictures in the newest post, so precious.
Happy Birthday Guy! It was nice visiting with you in Kingston,
Happy Holidays,