Monday, June 27, 2011

A glimpse into the future

A couple of months ago a photographer passed through Alice's daycare to take individual and group pictures of the kids. For the four and five year old groups there was another special shot taken... in a graduation gown and cap!

We think she looks beautiful and very grown up. It could be in her high school grad yearbook, accompanied by the bio: (LRHS-style)

Name: Alice Desharnais
DOB: September 15, 2006
Nickname: Princess Cleverpants
Favorite food: tofu spaghetti
Least favorite food: TOFU!
Favorite sport: Hiking
Favorite song: Wacka Wacka
Likely profession: Shift boss
Favorite expression: "C'est trop fa-fa" or "Let's watch a movie"

Here's the whole gang of wombats, all grown-up (okay, different wombats from at Silvana's, but it could be the same crowd)
Back, L to R: Justine, Emma, Josée, Eva, Samuel
Front, L to R: Nicolas, Alice (heart, heart, kiss, kiss), Gregory, Chloé
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Camping Morin-Heights

We spent a very wet, wonderful, weekend camping in our (nearly) backyard. It was a great practice for our longer camping trip coming up in July, and a stress-free drive within a three-snack radius of the comfort of our home.
The trip got off to a hairy start after we were sent to a tent-only area with our massive tent trailer in tow. After surmising that the sites were a little too small, we proceeded to get stuck on the steep, wet slope. Luckily, we "Blackberried" for help and were taken to the safety of the tent-trailer sissy compound...
Despite the rain which pretty much poured or drizzled all weekend, we had so much fun playing in the forest, stomping in puddles, reading books, eating gorp, and simply trudging to the toilet block.
Can't wait for the next trip!
The misty base of Ski Morin-Heights.
Trip-trap, trip-trap...

Gran and Grandad paid us a visit and helped to roast marshmallows

A cosy dry spot under the eaves

Some of our camping staples include: blueberry pancakes, hot dogs or sausages, and Kraft Dinner!

Two clean and warm little girls

It stopped raining for an hour - let's eat outside!

All I get is this tiny little box of Corn Pops? Seriously
(another camping staple - mini cereal boxes. but leave the Bran Flakes for mum and dad)

A lovely little trail alongside the rapids.
Alice is a surprising little hiker - she tromps along ahead of the whole family, no fear and no clumsiness.
Mes amours
Estelle was clamped on pretty tight. I think she fused two of my vertebrae together
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St-Pierre Trip

Daddy flew off to Manitoba for the weekend recently to catch up with his Memere, who turned 90 and is as sharp and sweet as ever.

Guy's brother Sol recently purchased the original general store in St-Pierre to fix it up (it needs tonnes of love). To get the locals talking he concocted a little "trompe l'oeil" to show what the finished product will eventually look like. And you thought Guy was the creative one...

Pepe and his new buggy that he built from odds and ends from our ancestral buggies. He built in a little tailgate so the girls can hang their legs off the end and watch the grasshoppers hop by. And you thought Guy was the handy one...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Potter afternoon

Ta-da! One leg!

Sit-down-drink-beer-talk-about-golf-style parenting

The original water baby

Estelle drinking water from the paddling pool

Estelle after we told her Olivia peed in the pool...
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Father's Day

We spent the morning strolling around Vieux Terrebonne.
Hope all you fantastic dads had a good time. Us mums couldn't do it without you!!!

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Estelle Spectacle

Saturday was Estelle's end of year show at her daycare.

Her group has been taking Spanish lessons once a week and sang four Spanish songs to a crowd of very enthusiastic parents!

Getting the moves right

Estelle's daycare teacher, Dalel, is in the back row.
What a wonderful lady! She really, truly loves Estelle and has said there will be a void in the group when Estelle's leaves for her new daycare at the end of the summer.

Getting a big hug after the show!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Not for toddlers

Alice never quite graduated from the "transition" bed she moved to out of the crib. After finding super deals on lovely second-hand furniture online for Luguy and Estelle, Alice was next in line.

Here she is in her bed for the first night.

The rest to be assembled when Guy returns from Manitoba...

Special Guests

A few weeks back Alice's daycare held a week of special activities. On the last day, each child was allowed to invite a relative (not boring old parents who visit every day) to tour the classroom and share a snack.

Alice chose to invite Gran and Grandad, who of course come as a pair!

Alice and all her friends were very excited all day long, and even prepared drawings for the guests. But as soon as they snuck their heads in the door, she was all giggly with her pals and averting her eyes. It took 15 minutes or so, but she warmed up enough to greet them properly.

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(Estelle rinsed hers out before I ran for the camera. Oh well!)
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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

So pretty

Lucy usually uses the unwrap - fill jug with water - dump 'em in flower arranging technique.
What a surprise then, to see this creatively arranged bunch, recycled from last week's delivery from Gran and Grandad's garden.

This one's for you, Mum.

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It was nearly noon

Hugo and his parents, Martin and Julie, joined us for brunch on Sunday. The Veilleux's always bring sweet treats for the kids, and we couldn't say no to letting them have these choc pops.

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Jets are Back!!!

Back in the 80's the only thing separating metropolitan Winnipegers from lowly residents of Regina was a big league hockey team. Back then the Canadian Dollar was worth a paltry 60 cents to the USD and the old Winnipeg Arena was crumbling. The government wasnt going to pump more cash in the strugling franchise so it moved to wintery Phoenix Arizona. Well Winnipeg has just regained its precious Jets and with it some big city pride (Sorry Nashville, you can keep Kenny Rodgers).

As you can see I've been collecting some T-Shirts and hats for some time.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011