Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping Morin-Heights

We spent a very wet, wonderful, weekend camping in our (nearly) backyard. It was a great practice for our longer camping trip coming up in July, and a stress-free drive within a three-snack radius of the comfort of our home.
The trip got off to a hairy start after we were sent to a tent-only area with our massive tent trailer in tow. After surmising that the sites were a little too small, we proceeded to get stuck on the steep, wet slope. Luckily, we "Blackberried" for help and were taken to the safety of the tent-trailer sissy compound...
Despite the rain which pretty much poured or drizzled all weekend, we had so much fun playing in the forest, stomping in puddles, reading books, eating gorp, and simply trudging to the toilet block.
Can't wait for the next trip!
The misty base of Ski Morin-Heights.
Trip-trap, trip-trap...

Gran and Grandad paid us a visit and helped to roast marshmallows

A cosy dry spot under the eaves

Some of our camping staples include: blueberry pancakes, hot dogs or sausages, and Kraft Dinner!

Two clean and warm little girls

It stopped raining for an hour - let's eat outside!

All I get is this tiny little box of Corn Pops? Seriously
(another camping staple - mini cereal boxes. but leave the Bran Flakes for mum and dad)

A lovely little trail alongside the rapids.
Alice is a surprising little hiker - she tromps along ahead of the whole family, no fear and no clumsiness.
Mes amours
Estelle was clamped on pretty tight. I think she fused two of my vertebrae together
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Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see you all being so happy family camping. The rain cannot dampen your spirits and you will have wonderful stories to tell. Remember when..... Love G & G.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes camping and travel are just "wet" experiences. But G&G are right. If all goes smoothly you would have no stories to tell (and everyone looks to be smiling in the pictures so it couldn't have been that bad!)

Love to all,
Lynn and Paul (from Vancouver, on the wet coast)