Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy days

All we have to report is that life is wonderful. Mum, dad and Alice are making a peaceful, happy little nest at home.

Some pics for you to enjoy.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Healthy girl!

This week we had a visit from a CLSC nurse to check up on Alice's progress. We are happy (proud) to report that our little champ gained an average of 56g / day over the 5 days since she had been seen at the clinic. That's a lot of suckling! Now her little legs are starting to fill out, and we've even noticed the gradual appearance of a second chin!


Another nurse poking at me?!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Babywearing for Dummies

My sweet friend Annie lent me one of her baby-wraps to carry Alice around the house in. The concept is great, and I had practiced trying it on before Alice was born, but it just wasn't as easy to get a squirming baby into the thing... This is the series of knots produced by my clumsy efforts.

I guess I'll try again tomorrow...

(in the end, Alice didn't seem to mind that I got it wrong!)

Friends and family

Happy family

Father and daughter

Keeping her paci in on Grandma's lap
Napping with Grandad

Fussing with Auntie Katherine

Snoozing with Matthew

Little Olivia testing Alice's chair

Sleeping with Genevieve

Precious parts...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a cutie!

Alice with her Grandad and Grandma.

Stretching her little turtle neck!


Pretty girl.

A "birthday" outing.

Friday was Alice's one-week birthday! We celebrated with lunch in the park.

The happy family

Peaceful in the carseat.

Who's got mail?

Only a week old, and Alice has already received lots of mail and wonderful gifts.

Flowers for the Laval Xstrata office (Guy's coworkers)

Sweater, blanket, hat and booties from Alice's great-grandmother in Wales!

An outfit from her stylish great-auntie Jane in Wales.

Alice and her mail!

The OTHER man who helped make it happen...

We went to the clinic for a short check-up on Thursday (for mom, not Alice - and everything is okay!) Here is a photo of Alice with Dr. Mark St-Georges. He followed Lucy during the pregnancy, delivered our sweet package, and will be the pediatrician to watch out for our little bundle. He is a super doctor - just the right mix of concern, logic and reserve to make us all feel secure (and those look like real diplomas on the wall behind him!!!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First check-up, first stroll, first sleepless night...

Our beautiful little Alice is 5 days old!

The three of us have already learnt so much, and yet this amazing adventure is just beginning. So far our days and nights are filled with frequent feedings, burpy bouncing and sacred sleep.

Thanks again to everyone who had shared in our excitement and shown their love with phonecalls, emails, visits, flowers and FOOD!!! We look forward to sharing more happy moments with you, by blog and “in real life”.

xxx Guy, Lucy & Alice

Baby in a milk-induced coma!

After the stroll - it literally blew my socks off! (and one of my mittens!)

Daddy and Alice, strolling in the sunshine.

Getting checked out at the clinic.

Dad's shift... getting tired!

Mum's shift... also feeling groggy, but unable to stop staring...

Worried little one!

Uncle Gareth and Grandad Potter (Gareth brought a souvenir from Stratford - a cold - but covered up for the baby. How sweet!)