Sunday, September 17, 2006

Home at last.

Thank you so much everybody for the well wishes and the outpouring of love for our little Alice, she hasn’t met most of you but she knows that you care. Well, believe it or not we are finally home; all three of us. We got medical clearance before lunch and were out the door by 1:30 pm. We strapped her in and faced a plethora of firsts (first time in an elevator, first time outside, first time in a car, first time getting stopped by the police for excessively safe driving (I kid), first time in our house...). The little one has been doing really well: eating, sleeping and soiling regularly (we can’t ask for much more). Lucy has got her energy back and has been napping regularly, however she is still quite sore in the most unusual places. Uncle Gareth is flying down from Stratford this afternoon just to meet the little princess (leaving tomorrow I think). If anyone wants to visit, all they need to do is call ahead so we can get dressed and push the mess into the closets before you arrive. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome home!
Alice is beautiful! I wish you all the best these first few weeks with your precious. I look forward to visiting soon.



Eric et/ou Pascale said...

Bon retour à la maison... on ne se peut plus d'attendre... on vous appellera sous peu... on se retient un peu, on sait ce que c'est, les précieux moments du retour à la maison!!!
Prenez-soin de vous,
si vous avez besoin de n'importe quoi... on est là...
Pascale Eric et Simonne

Anonymous said...

Félicitation !!
Vous avez une très jolie fille !
Bonne chance pour les prochaines semaines
à bientôt

Annie Francois et Florence

Anonymous said...

Oh qu'elle belle petite Alice. I have seen those beautiful eyes before hmmm Lucy. Are you sure her car seat is not too big? Kinda hard to find her in that car seat. lol How I wish I was there, the time will come. Just keep posting those wonderful pictures. I need to see mom and dad and watch little Alice grow. I love the 3 of you very much. I bet your time and chores are all about ce beau bebe.

Grande matante France

Anonymous said...

I held Alice yesterday and I am a GRANDMA and its amazing. Love grandma wendy.XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Congrats you two! Welcome Alice (love the name)
Enjoy every minute of every day. Before you know it she'll be at her first day of school....
Best wishes and lots of love to you all,
Sylvie Gautron

Anonymous said...

I got to see the beautiful Alice over the weekend, and let me tell you she is CUTE! Congrats you three on the begining of your amazing family. See you soon. Love Uncle Gareth.

Les Bouchard de Malartic said...

Jolie petite Alice, bienvenue dans le monde extérieur. Je suis rassuré que tu sois en pleine forme. Maman Lucy et Papa Guy doivent avoir plein d'amour à te donner, profites-en bien. Passez du bon temps en famille, ça passe tellement vite le temps du "poupon".

François, Geneviève, Jérôme

Anonymous said...

Where are the 6 day old photos? Aunty K wants to see how much she's grown since Sunday... Finally a reason to sit down at a computer. Love Katherine

Anonymous said...


Félicitations pour la belle demoiselle!
Elle est très jolie!!!

XXX Patrizia