Friday, May 12, 2017

Mini Vaycay in Ottawa

Hotel, pool, burritos, art.
Perfect weekend away from it all.

Happy McHappy Day 2017

We need you Smokey Bear!!!!

While René, Maxine and Sophie were with us last week we saw some mysterious smoke coming from the forest just north of us. It was bad enough that we called the fire department and they came rushing in with brooms and swatted the thing out. We're actually quite lucky that it didn't spread faster or further.


Another year of hoards of chocolate..


There was a special focus to Earth Day this year as it was joined with worldwide demonstrations in support of science. Since we are a family that supports science and we love a good march, we joined forces with the thousand or so people who came out in Montreal to show our support for science policy and disdain for ignorance (need we say more?)

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

CIM Gala

Guy received a Distinguished Lecturer Award for his contribution to Metallurgical Sample Selection at the Canadian Institute of Mining this year, and had a few family members to help us celebrate.

Most frequent pose for reference.

Guy and his beautiful sister.

This is as close as we got to our other famous son of a Prime Minister.

That famous album cover, with the album manager in the background.