Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sprummer is Officially Here

We've had some wonderfully warm and sunny weather this past week, perfect to enjoy some summer delights.

Alice's first ice cream cone

Airplane spotting.

A new tent.

We're in the market for camping partners. Let us know if you're interested.

Plenty of room!

This smile's for you

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome home dad!

We are so happy to have daddy back from his journey around the world. He arrived safely home (but minus one bag - to arrive only the next day) on Saturday afternoon, and we haven't stopped having fun yet!

Thanks for the lovely gifts from your trip, daddy, but where is our kangaroo?

At the airport

Wagon ride

The first bike ride of the season

A trip to the library to read some funny books.

Dining al fresco

Where is your sunblock?

When I picked Alice up from daycare last week, she was delightfully grubby from playing outside, but just a little bit too pink for my liking.

Next day: wide brimmed hat and gobs of sunscreen.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guy. A word with your daughter please.

Alice was very helpful when returned from the grocery store, unpacking the bags and handing the food to mum. She was also quite curious about many of the items, and tried to bite into a lemon, the cheese package, and the RAW GROUND BEEF!!!!!

I only caught her after she had torn this tiny hole into the package. Next we washed out her mouth. People eat steak tartare and live to tell, right?

Your daughter is a carnivore!

Later we had taco salad for supper, and she was less interested in the cooked meat!

Break out the good china

The Royals are here!

Friday, April 11, 2008


(new frog pyjamas)

Please. Please. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase?

Can we go outside again?

After we came in from playing yesterday, Alice was upset, and tried to dress herself again so that she could go back out to play.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Miss Independent

Dear Guy,

Your daughter might not be all that good at being by herself while mum is in the shower (I'm referring to the recent collapse of the shower curtain rod incident...), BUT she is super-duper at playing all by herself while I prepare our meals.

Both yesterday evening and this morning she set up a picnic for herself and her dolls - putting down a small blanket, covering it with dishes (piece by piece), and then setting the dolls around the spread. It was beautiful to see!

We miss you very much!



In a bit of a jam

We spent the day with Gran, Grandad, Auntie Katherine, Uncle Ben and Ben's sister, her husband and their daughter Rosemarie. First we went up north to hang out and get some lunch for Alice. Then we met the rest of the gang at the hall where we will be celebrating Katherine and Ben's wedding in June. Next we went home, had a nap (Alice) and ate lunch (everyone else!) Before heading out again, we celebrated Katherine and Ben's April birthdays with cake and presents. Lastly, we headed up to St-Adele to bowl a few frames. Lucky for us there was no one else at the lanes, so the two little girls had free reign of the place, and even got to roll a few balls of their own (see them discussing strategy below)

The drive home was a little less amusing. Alice was overtired, overstimulated and past her suppertime. So after a bit of a bit of a meltdown, mum screeched off to the side of the highway and was able to diffuse the situation with one of Gran's jam tarts.

It was only when we arrived home when we realized what a sticky situation had evolved...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Guy's Day Job (not every day)

I'm in Hawaii right now in transit to Australia with 7 colleagues. Our days have been jam-packed with geological activities so far, no time for jetlag. Weather has been pretty good and the people are very nice and accommodating.

Here is a group shot in front of the main caldera that is currently spewing gases and ash into the air shutting down parts of the park.

This is a closer view of the eruption occurring inside a crater within the caldera.

This is a separate volcanic crater through which we hiked. It was a little creepy to walk in this desolate lava-lake with steam coming out from between the cracks (ground water).

Ropy Lava.

This is the house we are staying in. Very Big.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


A new ride for spring - a hot rod wagon! After a busy day for both of us, we rushed home so that mum could put together the wagon (and trailer - not shown) and take Alice out for a spin.

Where did we go you ask...

To get the mail of course!

(p.s. it might look like dad is pushing Alice on her tricycle, but that is a photo from last weekend. The truth us that Guy is presently in HAWAII!! He is on a field/pleasure trip to the Pacific paradise, and then on to Australia. Jammy bugger!)