Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome home dad!

We are so happy to have daddy back from his journey around the world. He arrived safely home (but minus one bag - to arrive only the next day) on Saturday afternoon, and we haven't stopped having fun yet!

Thanks for the lovely gifts from your trip, daddy, but where is our kangaroo?

At the airport

Wagon ride

The first bike ride of the season

A trip to the library to read some funny books.

Dining al fresco


Anonymous said...

My guess is that papa got lots of kisses when he returned home. And yeh, where is that kangaroo???
You are just too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Galala! Did you see any happy-face spiders in Hawaii? That's what was on the side of Dave's U-Haul!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

The picture at the airport is delightful - it tells a story, the waiting, the patience - hurry up daddy - and a big smile for when he comes!!
Great pic Luce