Sunday, April 06, 2008

Miss Independent

Dear Guy,

Your daughter might not be all that good at being by herself while mum is in the shower (I'm referring to the recent collapse of the shower curtain rod incident...), BUT she is super-duper at playing all by herself while I prepare our meals.

Both yesterday evening and this morning she set up a picnic for herself and her dolls - putting down a small blanket, covering it with dishes (piece by piece), and then setting the dolls around the spread. It was beautiful to see!

We miss you very much!



Anonymous said...

Lucy and Guy.. she's gorgeous and perfect. Thank you for posting those special little moments. When can I come to the tea party?

Anonymous said...

Alice helps Gran set the table for a meal when she is here ,but we would love to come to your teaparty Alice .Grandad and Gran welove you lotsxxxxxxx