Tuesday, February 10, 2015

She's crafty!

Alice and Estelle received a whole bunch of craft kits for Christmas. When the weather is bad and they're terribly bored, they pull something out and get busy with glue/paper/glitter/paint/markers/buttons...

Here Alice painted her nails with a peel-off polish that Pépé sent. What a clever idea!!

All in a day's work...

Sometimes it's a ped day (no school for kids!) and sometimes Alice and Estelle don't feel like going and sometimes mummy had to work anyway and sometimes it's fun to watch movies at the office...


"Noooooo..... we don't want to go to the Carnival.... it will be booooooring..."

And yet, lo and behold, what dun we had!


Winter Fun

How has you winter been so far? Our has been very cold, but we're doing our best to keep busy with activities when we're feeling brave.