Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another "National" Holiday?

Alice didn't get it... didn't we just celebrate the "Fete Nationale" last weekend? Ah, the things we'll explain when she gets a little older...

In the meantime, we just enjoyed the day at the Morin-Heights Strawberry Social. Thanks to Gran and Grandad who slaved away in the kitchen.

Watch out where you wave that flag...

Later we relaxed with Mr. Turtle.

Hey, Charleen, are you trying to poke my tummy?

More pics of Alice eating...

Because we know you like to see her eat... here is what she's been up to: finger foods!!! (up to her elbows that is)

Here is the little muffin eating dinner at Auntie Katherine's bbq party on Friday evening.

Seems Gran and Grandad thought she'd enjoy her couscous better if she served herself...

And they were right,

it was delicious!

So this morning, we continued along the same trend, and Alice ate her breakfast fruit with the most functional utensils she could find: her fingers!

Actually, "ate" is a generous term. She mostly painted the high chair tray!

Playing on the lawn at Katherine's.

Okay, so she's not eating here... but it looks like she's thinking about preparing food.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Raglan Melting

The snow has melted significantly and the drills are turning (mostly). The weather is rather crummy (+4 and light rain) which is par for the course. The days are long (21 hours of sunshine) this means waking up at 2AM and getting dressed thinking that its time to get to work. Here are few pictures of camp to show you our outstanding accomadations.

The field crew rolling out the maps and programming their GPS's in the field office.

Main Street at East Lake Camp

The old and the new: In the background is an old Mercedes Unimog and in the forground the brand new Kubota.

Our toilets... Dont be fooled by the antique oak seat; this is no old fashioned contraption. This device is called a "propane toilet" and is designed to incinerate your waste. This saves us having to install a complicated and costly sewage treatment system (other alternatives are considerably less desirable). If the wind is blowing in just the right direction, a pleasant odour can be detected in camp. Take my word for it; using this toilet is nothing like doing your job while sitting on a barbecue.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Miss you already...

Dear Daddy,

Today has been a great day! Mummy and I were so happy that it was cooler, and we were able to play upstairs and outside, and have nice, long naps (yes, even mummy had a nap this afternoon) We needed the rest because I didn't sleep much yesterday and last night it was so hard to fall asleep. We ended up together on the bed downstairs!

It's too bad that you weren't able to talk for long on the phone tonight; I know it isn't working properly. Mummy never got the chance to tell you how proud you would be of me... I am getting so good at spinning around on the floor upstairs (floor-bum and floor-tummy contact). Also, I am shaking anything that comes near me, just to hear the neat sounds. I hung out with my baby friend in the bathroom mirror this morning, and we even gave each other kisses! Remember how you taught me to sing the Banana Boat song (Day-O!) with Mr Banana? Well now I like to sing along to lots of songs, and sometimes I wave my arms to the beat.

Really, I haven't stopped all day! And we both wish you were here, but we're glad that things are going well at camp. Don't forget to wear your hardhat.

xxx Alice

See this cool leaf I found? Well, when mummy dashed inside to get the camera, I hid it...

In my mouth!!!!

(this is the new outfit that grand-maman gave me, perfect for a nice summer day like today)

For supper, I lassoed myself some veggie couscous!

Looks like my fang is poking out, right?

Nope, that's just a grain of couscous!

Bet you guys forgot about this toy... it sure makes a neat noise when I shake it.

While you were out...

Actually, it's us who were offline... we're having some internet issues so this is coming to you live from our downstairs computer (Stefane, you can expect a help call from me soon!)
Whatever the reason, here are a few fun things we've been up to pre- and post- Guy departure.

The dads and their babes. (My how you've grown Olivier!)

Grocery shopping.
Hmmm, do I want pickles? Or...

Yes, this is just right! Please, mummy? Please, please?


Is this spoon big enough?

Trying to keep cool wearing as little as possible (after a swim in the pool)

Using my new "lil' dipper" (a spoon in training)

Did I say spoon? I meant trowel!!!

People watching at the mall to keep cool!

Daddy duties

Guy got busy doing his "manly chores" before leaving for Raglan. That means more time for playing and napping for Lucy and Alice while he is away!



cheering and,


(notice Alice's first ever ponytail)

And for your Alice viewing pleasure, here she is watching her dad take care of bid'ness. (and eating a snack!)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

She be stylin'

Alice received this outfit from her great-grandmother in Wales. She is so lucky to have such generous friends and family, always getting treats and surprises. Thank-you, thank-you!
(Lucy and Guy are available for shopping sprees on Saturdays and Sundays)

Bonne Saint Jean!

We celebrated the big day by strolling down to the local park to check out the festivities... not much was happening, so we sat to have a snack...

Maybe next year, Alice...
None of us stayed awake late enough to catch the fireworks... sigh.

Friday, June 22, 2007

How's your week been?

Alice has been doing some light reading,

playing on her new rocking horse,

and lazing around in the garden.

Since the grass tickles her feet, Alice always tries to keep at least one (but two if she's well balanced), off the ground.

Makin' waves


Monday, June 18, 2007

Raglan in the spring!!

My field season was delayed two weeks this year because of a late spring and more snow than usual (i.e. to the roofs of all the buildings). I'll be going up on June 27th for 3 weeks.

The short pickets that you see in the foreground are actually 8 feet tall. Those thick ones in the backround are the chimneys to the propane toilets.

The wildlife at this time of year: hungry arctif foxes wishing you would just fall asleep so that they could nibble on your ears.

The Cross Lake area has some pretty impressive cliffs, some of the snow on this side of the valley will stay all summer (mini glacier).

This is method of transportation is much cheaper than slinging barrels by helicopter. Thats all helicopter fuel ironically.

There is only one way into camp: shovels and sweat. You had better know where the valve for the propane is... (oops).

Thankfully our friends at the mine went over and helped the boys out.