Thursday, June 28, 2007

While you were out...

Actually, it's us who were offline... we're having some internet issues so this is coming to you live from our downstairs computer (Stefane, you can expect a help call from me soon!)
Whatever the reason, here are a few fun things we've been up to pre- and post- Guy departure.

The dads and their babes. (My how you've grown Olivier!)

Grocery shopping.
Hmmm, do I want pickles? Or...

Yes, this is just right! Please, mummy? Please, please?


Is this spoon big enough?

Trying to keep cool wearing as little as possible (after a swim in the pool)

Using my new "lil' dipper" (a spoon in training)

Did I say spoon? I meant trowel!!!

People watching at the mall to keep cool!

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Anonymous said...

Wowy wow wow, I wish I could be there; miss you already.