Monday, June 11, 2007

Your turn

Alice will be 9 months old later this week!

In the future, she will be able to access this blog (on the net or as saved on our hard drive) to find out all about her wonderful infancy. Therefore, we thought we'd like to solicit some wise words and fun facts from you, so that she can look back at them to get to know you, and to learn about the world. C'mon, you all have something interesting to share...

So this month's question is: In a few sentences, can you describe your most memorable childhood vacation?

Just to goad you on a bit... Here is a pic of Alice taken this morning

Yesterday she began to raise her arms to YAY with us!

What a wonderful achievement.


Anonymous said...

Wow Alice is a fast learner. She'll be ready for her first Canadians' game.
In terms of memorable vacations, anytime we went to England and Taid was waiting there jingling money in his pockets. Or the summer we went camping and it rained so hard mum and dad took us to a mall to watch a movie. Or any vacation to Maine (tuna melts and lime rickies)... happy times! Love to all, Katherine

Anonymous said...

I couldnt believe the look of pure serious amazement on Alice's face when she realized that her actions had caused such an arm raising frenzy from her mum and dad Love Grandad

Anonymous said...

There's no denying that the '82 trip out West is definitely a huge highlight for me, but I will never forget little snippets from other camping trips with other families from St-Pierre: acorn fights with neighbouring kids, swimming lessons and sand castle building competitions in St-Malo, bear sightings, the beautifully intoxicating smell of coffee in the tent trailer in the morning, reading my first adult book ("The Flying Bandit") on a rainy trip, drinking Zing brand pop, etc... It's all good!
Hope you will enjoy and remember such wonderful things from your future camping trips, Alice!
Matante Janette

Anonymous said...

I remember a spider man suit mum and dad bought me one summer and I was wearing it in Gran's kitchen in Colwyn Bay. I don't think I ever took it off. Mum and Dad planned an amazing trip across Canada in a suburban. One of the last big family vacations. Although I slept and grew through most of it, I remember wonderful things. K driving, L making phonecalls next to a tee pee, me eating! Good times. Love you guys, and miss you! Congrats on the arm raise Alice. Unky G is so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Like many things, the most amazing childhood vacations always seemed to be the ones that involved mishaps of one kind or another. About 1962 my Dad decided to bring us to Sudbury and tour the industrial operations (a favourite type of vacation that also included steel mills, mines, photographic production plants, auto plants - you get the idea). On arrival in Sudbury he found that only Falconbridge would accept youngsters on tours (I was less than 12). I clearly remember touring the mill at Falconbridge, watching the flotation cells skim off the sulphides. I also remember the stench of the mill chemicals and the subsequent sickness for the whole next day.

Happier vacation memories are when you have your own children. My favourite was a trip east with Kimberley involving much "beaching" and digging to China.

Heres to Alice, Lucy and Guy having many enjoyable vacations together.

All our love, Paul

Luguy said...

Summer for me was camping. Exploring on trails with my super fast bike. Cooking up garlic coil or jiffy pop on the camp fire. Those tiny little cereal boxes with those sweet kinds of cereal you never ever have at home (corn pops, froot loops). Trying to sleep in the afternoon when it was way too hot in the camper trailer. Fishing with dad (mostly casting and pulling out branches). Canoeing; which always seemed more fun at the begining than at the end. Of course we also loved to go caravaning (wagon train!!!). Sitting on the back step and dragging our shoes till the soles wore out and they were covered in horse plops.

Great times, great times.


Anonymous said...

Pour moi mes vacances les plus mémorable étaient le camping.Un camping que je me souvient est quand j'avait +-14 ans,c était mon premier camping sans mes parents.J était avec Léonard et un autre ami dans une tente appelée touriste appartenant a mononcle Henri.On la pose juste au dessus du beach a St Malo ou les arbres commencaient.La tente avait un poteau au milieu et prce que j était le plus jeune je couchait avec le poteau entre les jambes.J ai fait certain de camper chaque année apres t en souhaite du pareil. Amour René

Anonymous said...

Mes vacances les plus mémorables se sont passées chez ma cousine frérot Diane et bien oui avec ma tante Rose-Alma, ma tante favorite et souvent avec d'autres cousines. L'été c'était le temps de jouer dehors dans la petite maison à Diane et Carmelle et de déléquer le toit comme le bureau de poste et un autre petit coin l'épicerie... Que de bons moments avec nos pique-niques et la visite au vieux oncle Tétrault. Il fallait aider ma tante à des petites tâches telles laver la laitue au puit dans l'eau très froide. Après s'être fait demander ne ne pas entrer la laitue trop trempe nous l'avons tordue juste un petit peu afin de pouvoir retourner jouer vite vite. Quelle patience avait ma tante ! Alice,je te souhaite une amie et une tante très spéciales.
Je signe avec mom sobriquet de jeune fille, Lili (grand maman)

Anonymous said...

When I was a little girl I used to travel on a train to Somerset to visit my nanny and grandad. I loved to watch her make jam, and could go to bed when I wanted to!!!!Holidays where always fun because Mum and Dads are on holiday as well.We had holidays at the seaside ,and went paddling in the sea, ate tomato sandwiches with sand in them.!!!Lots of Love Gran xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice, When your Mum was a little girl we used to go camping and I would give her a bath in a washing up bowl because she was so little. Lucy my little girl would go to the tap at the campsite to get water when she was 4, so we could make a wonderful cup of tea,this was a special job!!! Love Gran xxxx