Saturday, August 31, 2013

Les escargots

Estelle has started a new year at daycare and her very last one. How much do we love this daycare, let us count the ways...  we have been so lucky that our girls are well cared for, safe, and are encouraged to be autonomous and empathetic.

Plus there are some really cool toys!

Grade 2 is cool

All the Laval wombats started back at school on Wednesday. The theme for the year at Alice's school is science, which makes Lucy and Guy very happy (shouldn't it be science every year?)
Alice was of course very cool about the whole thing. Her only complaint was that her bag was too heavy (agreed)

PS did she drive herself to school? you be the judge...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Les amis

What a cool few days we spent in Brooklyn, with Agathe and Simonne showing us their best parks, ice cream jaunts, subway and even the beach.

Le fameux parc de l'éléphant, à côté de l'école de Simonne (et bientôt Agathe)

Russian nesting dolls. A real privilege to be able to handle these works of art.

Cosmopolitan girlies.

Cony Island beach (freezing but happy)

The girls discussing their sand creation strategies

How do we get out of this?!?

Ice cream after the beach. Simonne took us to Sixteen Handles, a make your own smorgasbemporium of ice cream, candy and fruit toppings.

The girls were truly busking in Central Park!!! See Simonne watching for potential clients in front of the hat. Alice and Agathe workin' it on the bench.

La fontaine de Gisèle.
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In the second installment of our summer vacations, we took a week off to head to Lake George, NY and New York City (more specifically, Brooklyn) to visit with Eric, Pascale, Simonne and Agathe.

Keeping mummy's hat from being crushed...

Watching a high school orchestra on the edge of Lake George

A lovely carousel

Estelle is ecstatic after winning (with Guy's help) a teddy bear from the claw machine.

Daddy attempting to repeat his performance and get a bear for Alice... It wasn't meant to be, so we marched over to the gift shop and bought her a full price stuffed animal (Alice bursting into tears sealed the deal)

Chillin' outside the hotel room.

Steep ride up Prospect Mountain

Let me have a turn!

Good quality time in restaurants. Seriously - so worth it, but we wish they had choices other than nuggets and burgers on the kids' menu.
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Landscaping 101

Lucy's summer project was to clear out the overgrown bushes behind the pool in an attempt to make the pathway more accessible and the back lawn more unified. Sounds easy, right? Well the project was completed a couple of weeks ago, after many evenings spent sawing, digging, cutting, raking, planting... And now we have a nice place to sit by the pool and hopefully a less attractive place for snakes to live (they were creeping me out...)

A very big thanks to Estelle who helped to paint the chairs and table. She is as talented with a big awkward canvas as she is in her sketchbook.

Sit back and relax!

June 2012

Not the same angle, but you get the idea...
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Sunday, August 04, 2013