Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grade 2 is cool

All the Laval wombats started back at school on Wednesday. The theme for the year at Alice's school is science, which makes Lucy and Guy very happy (shouldn't it be science every year?)
Alice was of course very cool about the whole thing. Her only complaint was that her bag was too heavy (agreed)

PS did she drive herself to school? you be the judge...


Anonymous said...

Dear Alice your bag does look big and heavy! Grade two- lots of things to learn ,lunches to eat, driving the car!New friends old friends more homework. Great photos Thank you. Love G@G XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Cool T shirt Alice Love Grandad

Anonymous said...

What - there's more to learn? I thought Alice had covered reading, writing, and differential calculus in Grade 1.

Hope she has a wonderful year in school and we look for more pictures of her achievements.

Love Paul & Lynn