Sunday, October 21, 2007

My new toothbrush

The old one disappeared, but mummy and daddy say that I have to keep brushing my teeth, so here is my new Dora brush in action.

(Peut-être que j'ai oublié mon ancien chez vous, mémère et pépère?)


Last week we had our first "school outing", to a nearby indoor amusement park. While most of the activities are for bigger kids, Alice and her friends had fun in the kiddie area.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Let's recap.

Just over a year ago, we began an archival process to chart Alice's growth. It was a pleasure to plan and enact the "photo shoot" every month, and now we would like to share the results with you.

No peeking at the oldest photos first...

(today we visited our friends Annie & Matthew with their daughter Olivia, who is a year older than Alice, and their new baby, Lucy. We hardly remembered how little a newborn baby is, and were nervous to hold the little darling. Hard to believe Alice was that small not so long ago)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Flat land. Rollicking good times!

So where did you eat your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Le Gardeur? Not bad... Fredericton? Allright... Stratford? Pretty good...
But nothing compares to sharing a wonderful dinner and a super weekend in rainy St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba!
Yes, we enjoyed a West Jet stand-up routine, and a lovely flight to Winnipeg, followed by a drive to St-Pierre (this is no small trip to the dépanneur), and then a weekend of playing, eating and visiting friends and family.
While we were visiting, Alice did a lot of walking, read some nice books, and slept very well in the fresh country air.
Here are some of the visual memories...
A little bit more pacifier than usual on the plane... we didn't want to upset our fellow passengers
(but what a great traveller Alice was)
Reading a good book with mémère

Finding goodies in the toy suitcase with pépère

Breakfast at the Norwood - a big trip to the city!

Pépère on his horse.

Giddy up.

Alice collected a nice big carrot to feed the horses (straight from mémère and pépère's garden)

Alice was so excited about the horses. She kept clicking her tongue, which is the sign for horse. She even got to touch their noses!

Thanksgiving dinner with daddy, mémère, Great pépère Armand, Great mémère Claire, Great matante France and pépère. Surrounded by love!

One of the biggest hits of the weekend - a toy stroller! Alice even put a few things in the seat to push them around.

Visiting with some of Alice's second cousins (twice removed?) On the left is Katryn, who is only one month older than Alice (but what a quick little walker. Alice couldn't keep up!) On the left is Nicole, a much bigger cousin!

When it's this good, you learn to use a spoon.

It wasn't sunny in St-Pierre, but we had fun with the sunglasses anyway.

Turkey sandwiches on the plane ride home.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am one, hear me roar!

Oh the trials and tribulations of being 1 year old. Alice has been boogying around non-stop (by bum or on foot), enjoying her dad being home and some of the fun activities that come with being part of "team-luguy". Since she is a year old, she has a few big girl privileges: riding in the car with her seat facing forward, riding in the bike trailer and eating food prepared by Silvana at the daycare (yummy Columbian cuisine - you would pay big money for her food at a restaurant) Growing up presents some emotional rollercoasters as well though, and Alice is learning to express herself when things don`t go her way. When mummy is trying to get dressed, for instance, is not the time to walk together, and daddy will have to do. Also, sometimes when your diaper is dirty, it`s time to take a break from playing... Everyday is an adventure as we learn the many things that can provoke tears and giggles. What a roller-coaster ride!

We have been having so much fun since daddy came home that we haven't had a chance to post any pictures for you. Here is a slew of shots of our amazing little lady.

Enjoying the fall colours with Grandad

And with Daddy

Still practicing walking

Yippee! My carseat is facing forward now. I can see everything!

Keep your eyes on the road, daddy

Enjoying a juicy pear

Helping Auntie Katherine with her recycling...

At the park

Trying on my new pig hat from Lindsay.

I'm back in my bike trailer again!

Now that Alice is 1, we can head out for bike rides for as long as the weather stays nice.