Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hawaii: Black Sand Beach

Tucked away, far from the usual tourist areas is this little beach with the softest black sand, and an abundance of sea turtles. Sever check boxes were completed on this morning. Swimming with turtles, snorkeling with the tropical fish, prancing in the waves. We even had to move our towels at one point because one turtle wanted our primo spot!

That rock is moving!?!

Hawaii: Tide pools

After getting settled into our little cottage, stocked with geckos. We walked down to the tide pools, were there were many fish and other creatures on display. Nice calm ocean ponds some are surprisingly warm.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

School is OUT!

It has been an a amazing school year for the girls. Although we do not have the official results yet, we can safely presume that they are crushing it. We are very proud and are looking forward to a summer full of adventures.

We have a new crop of kid art ready for display. 

We had a scare with Alice's ankle. Turns out to be a minor sprain.

Dad with a pretend sad face on the last day of work. It has been an exciting couple weeks with many opportunities presenting themselves. Thankfully, there are several weeks of down time to make a well informed decision.

Estelle testing out the snorkeling gear, for the Hawaii Vacation! If this looks familiar, it is because there is a similar photo of dad testing out his gear some 30 years ago!