Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Halloween

Grandad came in this year to give us a hand. It was a beautiful saturday so we had a little more traffic than usual. The Pirate Ship and smoke cannon still drawing them in. After the kids stopped coming to the door, mom and dad went into the city to a bar and had a blast. More detail on dad's crazy costume on the next post and even more on the Instructable link (below too).

The girls were not sure that Mom got the makeup right, but they haven't seen the Batman movies yet. She really nailed it, with the attitude to boot. 

Picture of Techno Zeus Halloween Costume
Picture of What's next?
See the video below, otherwise it's hard to explain.

Halloween Instructables

Dad has been busy again putting together a series of projects with the help of the kids and Brodero! My costume won me 1000$ at a local bar as well as special prize from instructables. I'm already thinking about what to do next year (some people do heroine, others are affected by other more complicated disorders...)

Again you can check out all the projects at:


My over the top costume.

Picture of Lady Joker Cane (Easy)
The cane for the Lady Joker in the Family

Picture of Tree Monster
The tree monster


And the leaf monster with following eye.