Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ice Fishing

An ice auger, some twigs, fishing line and a group of friends are all that's needed to enjoy a sunny morning on the ice in wintry Canada. Evidently the presence of any fish is completely optional...

Ice Pricesses

Who needs those eccentric girls from Frozen?! Here is Alice on a school outing with a couple of her best friends.

Panda Bum

Here is Estelle in happier times than this week... She's been off school with a case of post-birthday party gastro.

Luckily, she's on the mend and will be back to her costumed tricks in no time at all.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What happened in Vegas...

The third leg of our spring break vacation took us to wild Las Vegas for 2 nights. Now, would you believe it if we told you that Lucy forgot her phone in the car (parked with the hotel valet), and the other camera ran out of battery during the horseback ride in Death Valley? It's entirely possible that's the reason we have no photos of our stay in Vegas. Or maybe there's another reason...

Regardless, here are some googled (pirated) images and links to the cool stuff we did.

Stayed at the serene and beautiful Mandalay Bay


Highlight was the lazy river and wave pool, which had only just opened for the season

Another highlight were the large closets on either side of the entrance to the bathroom. Estelle and Alice each made a den in these and decorated with pillows, stuffed animals, notepads and dream catchers...

Up close with sharks, rays and a komodo dragon at Shark Reef Aquarium

Supper at Benihana, something like this:

and this: Benihana (Only our chef was not quite so enthusiastic)

Guy took in a Penn and Teller magic/comedy show

We took the tram to the Luxor and Excalibur

And we hung out with a ferocious croc at the Rainforest CafĂ©

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Death Valley

After the Grand Canyon, we moseyed on towards warmer climes. Back through Nevada and towards California (7 hours later we were thawing out to 25 degrees Celsius). Really breathtaking scenery, and the girls were just happy to swim away in the pool fed by the warm spring water. 

Hoover Dam as seen from the bridge mom dad and fetus Estelle saw being constructed across from the opposite vantage point!

No need to wind the road around anything down here.

Oh, what they must be thinking.

I was the lowest person in all of the Americas that wasn't in a mine... 

"Natural" does not necessarily mean good for your health. Snake venom and this natural bridge are likely to kill someone sometime.

Estelle's horse is having a good laugh at the one that is supporting the big dad at the back. In order: Panther, Bodie, Radar, and Rocket. There was no risk these old fellas were going to run...ever.

Grand Canyon

We decided to take the family down south after a brutal January and February. We landed in Vegas and rented a mid-sized car (which magically turned into an American Sized SUV). Next morning we drove to the Grand Canyon. I didn't expect the photos to do it justice, but they turned our great!

 American Interstate Highways always impress me.
Snow: not fair. We can't say they ruined the view... the contrast was spectacular!

 Our hotel and the big white gas guzzling beast (the SUV not the Eagle).

Elk: we were lucky to see a few.