Thursday, March 12, 2015

Death Valley

After the Grand Canyon, we moseyed on towards warmer climes. Back through Nevada and towards California (7 hours later we were thawing out to 25 degrees Celsius). Really breathtaking scenery, and the girls were just happy to swim away in the pool fed by the warm spring water. 

Hoover Dam as seen from the bridge mom dad and fetus Estelle saw being constructed across from the opposite vantage point!

No need to wind the road around anything down here.

Oh, what they must be thinking.

I was the lowest person in all of the Americas that wasn't in a mine... 

"Natural" does not necessarily mean good for your health. Snake venom and this natural bridge are likely to kill someone sometime.

Estelle's horse is having a good laugh at the one that is supporting the big dad at the back. In order: Panther, Bodie, Radar, and Rocket. There was no risk these old fellas were going to run...ever.


Richard Potter said...

Hi Lucy, Guy, Estelle and Alice. What an amazing experience for you all ! We really enjoy all the photos that you put on the blog and it is a great way to see how my lovely cousins are getting on.

Keep up the great work.

Love to all

Richard, Helen, Sarah and Ben xxxx

Anonymous said...

Lynn and I love Death Valley. So nice to see the pictures of the sand dunes. And nice to see that you could share a location that was interesting to both the geologists in the family and the children.

Love to all,
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Luv the moon/sun pictures. They're pretty creative. Moi aussi je me demande ce que les filles pensent. Merci pour les photos.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Thanks teamluguy from Wales G&G xxxx