Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dad's Newest Projects

There is something about winter that makes us more creative and obsessed with finishing projects (hint, its the crazy cold weather). Here are a few of my recent projects you may have missed:

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Advent Calendar


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Estelle's Big Birthday Weekend!

What could be a better way to celebrate your 6th birthday than friends, games, pressies, cake and a movie. 
Simple, tried and true format for guaranteed success.

We love you little wild one.

Waiting for my friends.

Preparing our Olaf the snowman noses.

Fancy dress for everyone.

Ice palace cake

Grown-up big sister in charge of the pass-the-parcel music.

Paper dancing
(in a Mongolian hat?!)

Can't wait for my turn!

Estelle got lucky and picked "drawing with your eyes closed"

Our ice wands

Explaining the rules of giving your gift
(so complicated)


Princess gear...

More princess stuff...

A craft!

Always shy in front of her cake (remember the big snake?)

Whoopee cushion from crazy unky G

Fondue dinner at the restaurant

Breakfast in bed (moved to the dining room)


Thanksgiving is a time for family (and friends who are like family) and sharing (ice cream) and relaxing (while walking 10 km). So this year we hopped into the car with a bag full of dvds for the girls and went to visit the Gautron-Dénommée family in Brooklyn.

We spent a lovely 3 days discovering some new bits of Brooklyn and New York City, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the One World Trade Memorial and almost the IKEA ferry... (more on that some other time)

Agathe et Estelle. Toujours pleines de vie.

Buddy system in the sudbway.

Thoughtful over a painting at the MOMA

Oh yes, there are some old buildings behind those beauties.

Giant swing.

Who done dat? I don't remember...

Sort of ominous and beautiful at the same time.

Teensy, tiny speck of a Statue of Liberty in the background.

Not Simonne's usual walk to school, but still she's crossed the Brooklyn Bridge many times.

Who in this picture looks like he has to travel by subway every dumb day??

Un gros merci à vous Pascale, Eric,Simonne et Agathe.
À la prochaine!

Winter's Coming

So far, we've been gearing up for winter with a very positive attitude. Because attitude is everything when it comes to winter (attitude and long johns...)

Our inflatable snow globe has been tested indoors.
Turning snowmen - check.
Noisy fan - check.
Christmas spirit - double check!

Next we've started putting together some ski equipment (new goggles, used boots & skis) to be able to get out and enjoy the slopes with our growing girls.

Now to see if we can find some of those long johns...


Alice's grade 3 class rabbit came home to spend the weekend with us. He is a timid little guy, but slowly getting used to getting manhandled by excited youngsters.

Alice was so proud to be the weekend caretaker, and is eager to prove herself as a responsible pet-owner. At the moment, she is on day 47 of a 60-day challenge to see if she is capable of caring for a pet. (Ask her about her jar of marbles sometime... she'll be pleased to explain) So far, she is on track to head to the pet store for a dwarf hamster on December 1st!

Let me back into my cage where it's safe!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The sounds of summer...

We attended a rather entertaining concert this past summer...
Also infamously referred to as "The Leg Guitar Incident"

(finally made it onto the blog... other archived treasures to follow!)

Chinese Lanterns

We caught the annual pumpkin exposition and Chinese Lanterns at the Botanical Gardens with Guy's Colombian colleague Maritza. The weather was perfect and she was most impressed by the show and the night view of the Olympic Stadium.

Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Halloween

We had great weather this year and a few more visitors than last.

Princess and Vampire.
8 foot tall pirate. I know that my head is too small; what are you gonna do?

Going recruiting kiddies from the corner.

Regular size human for scale. Thanks Meme for all the sewing. It was a perfect fit and big hit with everyone. I had gaggles of teen girls requesting hugs!

That silouette doesn't need any more accessories to be worthy of being a princess.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alice is eight, time to celebrate!

It was a Lego Friends themed part this year, as Alice was joined by a select group of sweet girls to eat at Boston Pizza (so grown up) and return home to play dancing on newspaper and Kim's game (less grown up).

Happy birthday big girl

Decorations are ready - we just need the guests

All out Lego colours.

One of the girls' creations

Bake a flat cake and put some plastic doohickeys on it.
Instant party success!

Early giggles.

Lego building contest.

Cake time!

Eight year olds are so patient at the restaurant!