Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Thanksgiving is a time for family (and friends who are like family) and sharing (ice cream) and relaxing (while walking 10 km). So this year we hopped into the car with a bag full of dvds for the girls and went to visit the Gautron-Dénommée family in Brooklyn.

We spent a lovely 3 days discovering some new bits of Brooklyn and New York City, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the One World Trade Memorial and almost the IKEA ferry... (more on that some other time)

Agathe et Estelle. Toujours pleines de vie.

Buddy system in the sudbway.

Thoughtful over a painting at the MOMA

Oh yes, there are some old buildings behind those beauties.

Giant swing.

Who done dat? I don't remember...

Sort of ominous and beautiful at the same time.

Teensy, tiny speck of a Statue of Liberty in the background.

Not Simonne's usual walk to school, but still she's crossed the Brooklyn Bridge many times.

Who in this picture looks like he has to travel by subway every dumb day??

Un gros merci à vous Pascale, Eric,Simonne et Agathe.
À la prochaine!


Anonymous said...

Alice and Estelle look like they fit right in to the culture and fashion scene of the big city.
Really cute pictures.
Hugs to all,
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Aller à New York est le rêve de beaucoup de personnes et vous y êtes aller! Vous êtes tout cute. À la prochaine. Lyse