Sunday, October 31, 2010

Must be Halloween

... because Guy has a wacky beard on.
(costume photos to follow)

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Clean, Happy and Scrambled!

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First Snow, October 31st

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Happy Birthday Gran!

Olivia, next year you can have blue cake as well!

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Chinese Lanterns, take 2

We made a second attempt at viewing the lovely Chinese Lanterns, this time accompanied by Pascal, Simonne and Agathe. The wait was a bit long, and the crowds were almost unbearable, but in the end, it was worth the effort. Simonne and Alice walked around hand-in-hand, and hid behind bushes with Guy to scare the little ones and mums. We even ran into Renee and the Hugos!

Merci de nous avoir accompagné!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin time

Lantern Magic

On Saturday night we made the trip to the east end of Montreal to see the Chinese Lanterns and pumpkins at le Jardin Botanique. Apparently we weren't the only ones with this marvelous idea...

We knew something was up when it took us an hour to get there, which is normally a 20-min drive, then there were about 200 cars just waiting to get into the parking lot! After finally getting a spot, we saw the lineups... to pay for parking... and then the lineups at the entrance. Since it was already bedtime for the girls, we strolled around the parking lot trying to get a peek though the fence, drank hot chocolate, and the DROVE HOME AGAIN!

Thanks G+G for accompanying us. Thank-you Alice and Estelle for being so very patient. We'll try again later this week...

Guy trying to scale the fence to get in

Ready for anything!


It's not giggle-fests and lipstick-sharing all the time, but Alice and Estelle get along quite nicely most of the time.

Enjoying a good read and a rest at the end of a long day

Alice teaching Estelle to catch butterflies...


I wouldn't drink that if I were you...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fermont Roads

When I first got here the fall colours prominent. Tamaracks (the least successful of the evergreen family) tend to line the roads.

A few days ago we started to get snow everyday. It tends to melt quicly leaving the trails very slick.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The kids are alright

Our blog has been a little sparse as of late... and it's also a little light on pictures of the girls. Who really wants to know the intimate details of our new kitchen? Where is the garbage can? What color tiles are we getting? How many Ikea boxes did we have to unwrap? How thick is the layer of dust covering EVERYTHING in the house?

More importantly, here are some snaps of Alice and Estelle. Estelle on the toilet (she has bypassed the potty and only wants to sit on the toilet - like big sister). Fall measurements. Still swinging...

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