Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The kids are alright

Our blog has been a little sparse as of late... and it's also a little light on pictures of the girls. Who really wants to know the intimate details of our new kitchen? Where is the garbage can? What color tiles are we getting? How many Ikea boxes did we have to unwrap? How thick is the layer of dust covering EVERYTHING in the house?

More importantly, here are some snaps of Alice and Estelle. Estelle on the toilet (she has bypassed the potty and only wants to sit on the toilet - like big sister). Fall measurements. Still swinging...

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Anonymous said...

Merci Lucy! Les filles sont tellement grandes et super cute - j'aime beaucoup les nouvelles coupes de cheveux! On espère vous revoir bientôt. On pensait aller au MB du 16 au 29 déc...

Anonymous said...

Merci Lucy. Je n'avais pas réalisé que je ne les ai pas vues depuis début juin. Bravo à Estelle sur la toilette. Je vois aussi qu'Estelle est sur la balaçoire pour les grandes. Gros bisous à toute la famille. Mémé

Anonymous said...

Love the hair cuts! Estelle looks a lot like you on the swing with her big smile! Alice is such a big girl now (sigh).
See you all soon, hopefully!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see the pictures of Alice and Estelle with Mom (and at least a small piece of Dad). BUT - it would be nice to see how the kitchen turned out!

The dust will still be there tomorrow, so enjoy the children today.

Paul and Lynn