Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey, supermodel...

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we enjoyed posing for them!

All our love for a happy and healthy 2008!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

For you, Lindsay.

A photo of Alice in her piggy hat.

p.s. we missed you at Christmas!

A very good year.

Guy was extra lucky this year and received an Xbox 360 game console for his birthday. He has been planning and dreaming about it for months... and patiently waited for the 14th of December, even though he knew it was sitting at the bottom of Lucy's closet, gathering dust.

Does Guy seem happy with his new Winnipeg Jets jersey here? Well yes, he is pleased about that, but even more exciting...

...Was the Xbox game, Guitar Hero III that Santa brought him for Christmas.

He is now officially a rock star (complete with bad attitude)

To reward himself for the great gifts, he went straight out on Boxing Day and bought this ridiculously enormous television.

It's really handy for hiding knick-knacks, dirty laundry and small wood bison.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was very exciting at our house. Daddy got up early and after making some coffee, made sure that everyone else was up and ready to open the gifts that Santa had brought us.
Here is Alice getting into her pillowcase full of pressies
Such concentration and effort.
A potty AND bubble bath?
I must have been really good. Don't you think...?
The girly gifts have begun
(wait till you see the baby and stroller...)
Wanna come camping with me?
Later in the morning we headed over to Gran and Grandad's to join the gang.
Jessica and Alice posing with Gran in their Christmas headgear.

Amy's princess dress from cousin Gareth

There were just a few issues surrounding the "sharing" of the baby stroller and the tea trolley...

Katherine reading about her VERY surprising honeymoon cruise - a gift from Ben

(for all you curious people - they will be going to Italy, Greece and Croatia, to name a few countries)

Helping Gran make the stuffing

Lovely chaos at supper time!

Mon "premier" Noel

We had an early Christmas celebration with Alice's mémère and pépère from Manitoba. They stayed with us a few days on their way to visit mononcle Sol and Philippe in France, before the four of them travelled to Kenya for a real safari and relaxing vacation. While they were here, Alice got to show mémère and pépère all of the things she's been working on since seeing them at Thanksgiving: walking, talking and, of course, giggling!!! Alice loved to sneak up on pépère and giggle at him as he pretended to sleep on the couch.

Quelle belle visite. Revenez me voir bientôt!

(merci pour les beaux cadeaux mémère, pépère, matante Janette et Dave)

Reveillon contemporain

(sapin traditionnel - une identification s.v.p. Janette...?)

Merry Christmas

(merci Zone Bleue for the photos - more to come soon!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is not a food blog.

Lucy's latest kick is reading food blogs (check out,, and What I can never understand is how they take those incredible photos (oh, and the awesome looking food too) so I decided to try one myself.

Here is the result of a tasty-looking (and tasty-tasting I can assure you) granola bar intended for our friendsMartin and Stephanie who had their first baby, Thomas, last week. We're hoping to deliver them before all that is left is this picture...

P.S. Do you have any blog recommendations?

How much is that in inches??!!

This week we received a huge dumping of snow.
The shovelling process was a bit daunting, but we got it done, sore backs and all.

The sweet sound of piece-of-mind.

Uncle Gareth bought Alice a pair of squeaky shoes a few months back. Last week we tried one on and realized that her feet were finally big enough to sport them... Then began the task of finding the other one. No easy feat. Lucy searched every toy bin, laundry basket and cereal box to find it, but to no avail.

Not wanting to admit to our beloved bro-bro that we were one squeak short of a match, we were about to order a secret replacement pair on the Internet...

But then the wonderful moment arrived when Alice opened the trunk of her push-car and there was the magical slipper.

What a happy ending to an exciting story.

The result speaks for itself (turn up your speakers to full volume and replay a dozen times)

Now imagine two hours of constant squeaking (someone might be hiding those shoes again soon)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome, Princess Stephanie (and family)

Lucy's Auntie Jane has come to visit from Wales with her husband Peter, and two little girls, Amy and Jessica. What a lovely treat for Gran and Grandad to have a house full of princesses for Christmas.

The girls' bedroom. Full of toys, books and girly things!
(Notice Amy, AKA Princess Stephanie in her hot pink wig - that girl's got style)

Why this chair feels just right!

(now where is my bowl of porridge?)

Amy opening her belated birthday presents (we celebrated Guy's big day too, but he wasn't wearing a wig, so no photos)