Thursday, December 27, 2007

A very good year.

Guy was extra lucky this year and received an Xbox 360 game console for his birthday. He has been planning and dreaming about it for months... and patiently waited for the 14th of December, even though he knew it was sitting at the bottom of Lucy's closet, gathering dust.

Does Guy seem happy with his new Winnipeg Jets jersey here? Well yes, he is pleased about that, but even more exciting...

...Was the Xbox game, Guitar Hero III that Santa brought him for Christmas.

He is now officially a rock star (complete with bad attitude)

To reward himself for the great gifts, he went straight out on Boxing Day and bought this ridiculously enormous television.

It's really handy for hiding knick-knacks, dirty laundry and small wood bison.

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Anonymous said...

Is that a chalkboard said Dad! What a wonderful gift for Lucy to watch the next season of "So you think you can dance"!!!!
Kisses Katherine
(I am glad there was some one out there to take care of poor Guy who has NOOOO toys)