Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Party

We really wanted to have one last outside get-together with BBQ and some summery drinks. Unfortunately we got 2cm of rain instead, so we moved the party inside and had a wonderful time. It was great watching the bigger kids running around and entertaining themselves. The grown-ups could stand around and talk talk talk (boooooooring).

We locked up Estelle before unlocking the liquor cabinet; we all know how she gets...

Some fake smiles are better than others...

What do you say Janette: Scary or Puffy?
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We have just returned from a few special days spent with Uncle Gareth and Auntie Lindsay in the lovely little town of Stratford, Ontario. Of course we started the long 7-hour haul after dinner, so that Alice and Estelle could sleep along the way. But this time we had a hijacker in our midst... Auntie Katherine came along for the trip!

We arrived in the middle of the night to a lovely little apartment rented for us by Gareth and got a few hours sleep before the activities began the next morning. We spent lots of time strolling, playing in the parks and watching ducks along the river, but we also visited the incredible toy store, went to the legendary "English Shoppe" and ate some outstanding butter chicken (thank-you Raja - a highlight for Guy)

Thank-you Gareth and Lindsay for spending so much time with us as you recuperate and get some time off from work. We honestly wish that we were only a short walk away and that we could meet you at the park for swinging whenever we wanted to.

Waiting for the English Shop to open - we need Twiglets

Guy with " Iggerfeld"

Self explanatory

Gareth and Iggy stop for a rest
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Stratford - parks

Tough gang in the park
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Stratford - princess party

The biggest jumpy-jump ever!

Come with me to the ocean, little girl...

Serious for Snow White

Woodstock for Princesses
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Stratford - down time

And we're off

Feeding her doll breakfast

Should we really leave the girls with him?
(Guy, Lucy and Katherine saw West Side story at the Festival while Unky G babysat)

Alice entertains
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Stratford - touring

Festival gardens and goldfish

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

A cuddle with my Great-Gran

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Park + Sand + Swings = FUN

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Water park

Alice enjoyed some cool sprays at the Champfleury water park this weekend. The water was a little chilly, but she really got into it, and even made a little friend to splash with. Estelle sat on the sidelines and cheered her on.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The adventures of Fat Lip and Puffy Eyes

Most of today was a good day. Most, but not all. We started off pretty good, with the girls sporting matching outfits, including cute little headbands. Amazingly enough, neither one tried to yank it off within the first 5 minutes, or even the first hour! Beyond that, well... they're only human!

We spent most of the day at Gran and Grandad's visiting with Alice and Estelle's Great-Grandmother, Isabel, and her mate Brian. Strangely enough, there are no pictures of that part of the day... Will have to take some this weekend.

On the way home, Estelle got to ride in her new car seat. She seemed to like the simile-velour cover and is just a little more upright.

At home, Estelle continued pushing her personal boundaries in the lean and stretch department. I swear she is going to crawl soon. In the meantime though, she is falling a lot and this evening got her first fat lip!

Alice was suffering from nap deprivation (she chatted her way through her nap, again) and so was a bit on edge. Asking her not to use her cup as a telephone during dinner, and to instead eat her food was the last straw. Then came the sobs and snots.

But now the girls are in bed and all is well. Except that we miss you so much, dad.

Fat lip :(
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