Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alice's "real" B-day cake

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B-Day pics

Re-hydrating and getting ready for more.

What a sad, sad clown.

"you think that I could have little of everything?"
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Birthday Activities

Lucky dip.

How many kids can we fit in here?
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Jumpy Jump!!!

Wait for it...

Alice you should try this!

Estelle, you dont know the half of it.

Some entrances more graceful than others.
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Shark Attack

Dangerous animal on the loose!!!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

More Milestones

Alice spent her very own money for the first time this week. A strawberry shortcake movie, and a Toblerone for Mommy.

Estelle is more charming than ever.

Janette is here for the big birthday party tomorrow!!
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FWF (Family Wrestling Federation)

They seem harmless enough now... But the "Gap-Toothed Daddy Crushers" have a reputation of ganging up on their opponents.

While one is performing a "belly button bash" the other is about to attempt a "tongue twister".

Nothing that "The Amazing Bed-Head" cant handle. A little "Mid-Riff Tickle Defense" goes a long way against this team.
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School Update

Well, several days have past and all is well. Alice absolutely loves school (2.5 hours a day, 2 days a week). It gives her a chance to play with more kids her own age learn some new skills (drawing cutting, listening, waiting etc.) and learn some Quebecois culture.
School bus is here!! Not so serious looking anymore. Alice tends to put on a very serious face when in a new situation (carnival rides, new friends, new adventures etc.).

Estelle really likes daycare. We have learnt that she gets bored easily and daycare is full of new kids, toys foods. She is adapting very well and spending alot of time cruising along the walls to get around.

How was your day????
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A snapshot in time.

Estelle recently posed for her 10 month photo-shoot. Usually we like to save these and post a bunch together, but this one we had to share. We gave her the precious nighttime bunny for a few moments (outta my way Butternut Bear) and she instinctively assumed her bedtime position. That is - right hand holding bunny pressed to her face, and left hand tucked behind her lower back. She does this for every nap and bedtime. It is a gorgeous sight, and almost makes me want to pick her up again, but then she would be really, really MAD!

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Did Einstein have a brother (or sister?)

We have always said that we think Alice is brilliant. But now it seems her little sister wants intellectual recognition as well. We pulled out an old friend this week, the barn animal fridge magnets, and Estelle is already trying to put the animals in. And getting close to it.

Sheer genius.

Just don't expect us to be modest when it comes to our girls!

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Fat Lip Friday

Estelle fell on the kitchen floor on Friday morning (or was she pushed...?) Based on her mobility and drive, we have a feeling there will be a lot more injuries to come. Small ones, we hope.

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Prima Ballerina

Thanks for the birthday tutu Auntie Jean and Uncle Brian (Alice put the headband on herself...)

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Snack Time

Alice feeding Estelle her morning snack. How helpful... now Lucy can spend more time playing video games!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Alice Wendy!

Our baby girl turned 3 today. Mum and Dad did not spend too much time reminiscing about that difficult (yet wonderful) day in 2006, but instead we marvelled at how grown up Alice is, how kind, thoughtful, inquisitive, clever, funny, and how very pre-school she is.

We love you very much Alice. You bring joy into our lives and love into our hearts.
You also bring ambition into Estelle's life! (cause she wants what you have, wants to be where you are, and wants to eat what you eat!)

p.s. not shown here, thanks to Gran and Grandad for driving all the way back from Stratford to be with us for Alice's birthday supper. Her menu selection: hot dogs with mashed potatoes and cauliflower!

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