Saturday, September 19, 2009

A snapshot in time.

Estelle recently posed for her 10 month photo-shoot. Usually we like to save these and post a bunch together, but this one we had to share. We gave her the precious nighttime bunny for a few moments (outta my way Butternut Bear) and she instinctively assumed her bedtime position. That is - right hand holding bunny pressed to her face, and left hand tucked behind her lower back. She does this for every nap and bedtime. It is a gorgeous sight, and almost makes me want to pick her up again, but then she would be really, really MAD!

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Anonymous said...

That's too cute... awkward-looking... but really cute!

Anonymous said...

seems to me that she wont fit in that bed for very long...

see you tommorow,


Anonymous said...

Quelle belle foufoune!Tes parents ont vraiment fait un bon choix quand ils ont acheté le lapin. Mémé

Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup le nouveau look pour le blog!
À bientôt,