Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year

2015 is going to be awesome. We completed our annual 2014 retrospective and 2015 wish list - Alice wants to go to Chine (fantastic, I'm in!) and Estelle wants to go to Disney (I'll think about it)

Sleepover with friends (and cousins)

Emma and Olivia were lookin' for a place to hang the other night... so they crashed at our pad...

Gymnastics fun

Accrosport Barani is so much fun, even Lucy swung on the tarzan rope (sorry, no photos to prove it!)

p.s. did you know that it's very hard to take nice photos of bouncing girls?


Classic ballet fun for the holidays at Place des Arts in Montreal.

Mini vacation

No big trips for us this year at Christmas (memories of San Diego...) but we had 1 night at Chateau Montebello, the world's largest log cabin. It was a lovely, Christmasy time, with lots of stuff to do and good old family bonding.

(reportedly built in only 3 months time!!!)

Dance class

In early December, parents were invited to watch the mini-ballerinas during their weekly lesson.

First position, second position, polka step...

Jimmy's back!

And getting into his elfy little tricks again.

Just a sampling of the things we wake up to in December...


Our plan is to get out on the slopes a little more often this year. Not easy with the lack of snow so far, but we did manage to get out once before most of it melted.

One of the Stans...

Lucy had the opportunity to visit Kazakhstan for a business trip in early December. Although a terribly long trip to get there, it's very familiar scenery - almost like being in Qu├ębec's Abitibi region. (Plus a serving of tongue on the cold cut platter!)

We mostly saw hotels, taxis and meeting rooms. Here's one of the very few photos:

A random yellow house? (they build everything BIG over there - on and the heating is on full blast!)

Newest Family Member

Alice was successful in completing her responsibility challenge (alllll-most!) so she earned the right to buy her very own hamster!

Little Coquette is still a bit wild (running a mile on his wheel at night, and nipping at our fingers) but slowly getting used to the house rules.