Thursday, November 24, 2011

There he is!

Okay, so we didn't take many photos of René when he wsa visiting... We were too musy playing Lego!

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Look at me - I'm Three!

Estelle's third birthday was a smashing, yet slightly reserved, success. We toned down the numbers a little and still managed to have boatlads of fun - making silly hats and eating burgers and cake.

The best part? Pepe was here for the weekend and the party!
Merci René, d'avoir fait le voyage nous voir pour la fête d'Estelle. Et bonne fête à toi pour jeudi.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Alaska Highway

Guy's dad had a ride up the Alaska Highway to the Artcic circle on his bucket list, and he did it this summer. It seems to have been quite an adventure with a few adjustments along the way (heated pants, jacket, gloves...).

Proof that he made it. 1000km on a gravel road to get this far...

Full setup.

The Alaska highway is over 1500 miles long and was built in record speed to access the territory in case the Japanese used it as a staging area during World War 2.

He tracked down some old cousins that had made their living in the north since the tender age of 15. A great surprise for them and a lot of catching up.

Old supports for a rail bridge.

View from a campsite.

Papa smurf eating his toast.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Movember 2011

Movember is a month where men grow mustaches to raise awareness and funds for Prostate cancer. 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. To donote to his worthy cause follow this link:

The whole family thinks that its a good cause.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Good Morning

Halloween morning was quite a rush this year. Costumes, lunches, makeup, warm clothes, not-too-warm clothes.

We made it (though Estelle was still a little sleepy) and there's more photos to come of the main event. (a.k.a. the CANDY HAUL!)

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Let's get ready

Some of this year's Halloween preparations.

A make-up test run for Alice. Thanks Gran.

A special treat for everyone's lunch box

Estelle thinking...



And petrifying!!
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Ali & Eteh

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having Olivia over for a sleepover. These chicks are not high maintenance - pasta, a warm bath, and lots of dollies were all they needed for a good time!

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Lucy has been itching to visit Parc Omega for well over a year. We finally got our chance, on a nice autumn morning, to have our windows drooled on while enjoying the rutting season from a safe distance.

How close will these things get?

Pretty close!

Awesome ride at the on-site park

Queen of the castle

There have definitely never been any concussions on this thing...

Estelle was so proud to have her own lunch box on our little picnic

Un vrai loup. Non, il nous mangera pas...
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Making pumpkin donuts.
Yes, we use canned pumpkin, and yes, we dip them in butter and sugar.

And yes, they are DELICIOUS!

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Getting ready to do some laps with Eva.

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