Tuesday, August 29, 2006

He aint no hobo...

Monday was Lucy's first official day of being a "jobless hobo", as Guy like to refer to her.

What a strange experience to not have to go to work - and yet to stay just as busy "playing house" and getting things ready! (which included submitting a request for maternity benefits)

Here is the main breadwinner getting picked up after a hard day at work

A weekend retreat!

This past weekend we took the belly to a weekend retreat at Aubrege Matawinie, about 2 hours north of Katherine's house in Le Gardeur. The weekend was sponsored by Cambior's social club (Lucy's employer), and it was a great success despite the crummy weather on Sunday.

The belly seemed to have a wriggly good time anyhow...

(In case you're thinking we're brave/crazy to be driving so far into the wilderness such a short time before the birth , not to worry... we had the hospital suitcase, and Guy was fully prepared to drive like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights to get us there in time!)

38 weeks of amniotic bliss...

A pretty view on a drizzly Sunday morning

Our evening entertainment around the campfire

Guy was a great sport and participated in the Cambior Olympiad (look out for the 5 man ski-train at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics)

Here they are again... our "camp counsellors"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Birthday Party in the Park!

Last weekend we celebrated Simonne's first birthday, and her dad Eric's 30th birthday, at Parc Laurier in Montreal. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and we enjoyed the sunny weather with fun in the playground, hot dogs and a super pink elephant cake!
Fun time in the park...

Eric and Simonne prepare to devour the cake - will it be the trunk or the tail first?

Simonne is surrounded by gifts!

Pascale - proud mum!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Willy has a friend!

Willy's monkey pal was a gift from Lucy's friend, Rachel.

Unfortunately he doesn't have a name yet... but since we're busy trying to firm up a name for our daughter, we're opening up the naming to you! Any suggestions? (for the monkey, that is)

Summer fun!

What could be more fun on a warm summer's evening than going to the drive-in movies with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Last night we headed to the Ste-Eustache drive-in to see "Bon Cop, Bad Cop", a quebecois movie that is getting good reviews, and stars Gareth's close personal friend, Colm Feore. Unfortunately it was "parked out", so instead we saw "Deux flics a Miami" (Miami Vice, dubbed in French)...

And what did we learn about the drive-in? As long as you have a radio that works, yummy snacks and a good friend to watch with, the movie isn't all that important! We had a fun time listening to Colin's Farrell's french-quebecois accent! That's some good acting...

Finishing touches.

Ready and waiting... Here are some of the "last minute" additions to the room.

Come on in...

Guy, Master of the Nail Gun (Stefane's nail gun, that is), putting together the shelving in the closet.

The completed shelving.

A closet full of pretty (useful) things!

Hooks for more pretty things...

The beautiful quilt and matching bedskirt made by Wendy.

Some of the thoughtful shower cards we received

And the itty-bitty cards!

More hooks!

It keeps growing and growing...

Belly at 36 weeks

Belly at 35 weeks

What sleepless nights?

People keep telling us that it will be nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep once the baby is born... In response, we've taken preventative measures and bought a new bed!!! Should do the trick, right?

Truth is, we needed a new bed, and the extra few inches (we're up to a queen size!) will be very welcome when we toss and turn at night worrying about what kind of friends our daughter is hanging out with and whether or not she really must wear such short skirts...

Friday, August 04, 2006

We think she'll be cute...

We're counting down... only 5 weeks to go!

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics to keep you guessing on what our little love will look like.

xxx Lucy, Guy & our genetic combo

Guy's first birthday!

Lucy - around 1 year