Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A weekend retreat!

This past weekend we took the belly to a weekend retreat at Aubrege Matawinie, about 2 hours north of Katherine's house in Le Gardeur. The weekend was sponsored by Cambior's social club (Lucy's employer), and it was a great success despite the crummy weather on Sunday.

The belly seemed to have a wriggly good time anyhow...

(In case you're thinking we're brave/crazy to be driving so far into the wilderness such a short time before the birth , not to worry... we had the hospital suitcase, and Guy was fully prepared to drive like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights to get us there in time!)

38 weeks of amniotic bliss...

A pretty view on a drizzly Sunday morning

Our evening entertainment around the campfire

Guy was a great sport and participated in the Cambior Olympiad (look out for the 5 man ski-train at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics)

Here they are again... our "camp counsellors"

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