Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finishing touches.

Ready and waiting... Here are some of the "last minute" additions to the room.

Come on in...

Guy, Master of the Nail Gun (Stefane's nail gun, that is), putting together the shelving in the closet.

The completed shelving.

A closet full of pretty (useful) things!

Hooks for more pretty things...

The beautiful quilt and matching bedskirt made by Wendy.

Some of the thoughtful shower cards we received

And the itty-bitty cards!

More hooks!

1 comment:

grande matante France said...

Yikes, it sure won't be long now. Lucy you look fantastic. And Guy well....always my cloone! I have no idea why you both look so happy. Must be the tumm that Lucy . lol. La chambre de la petite est tres charmante. Felicitation. I wish you a short but wonderful delivery...with Guy being there of course. Who else could be there to tell you Lucy to blow perfectly and with such love?