Friday, July 31, 2015

Lac Simon Camping

We had some visit from Manitoba and decided to take them out to the Outaouais region to take in some classic Quebec Camping. The girls got along famously and were real troopers with all the activities we threw at them.  We had great fun and hope our guests we as lucky with the weather as we were when they go visit Janette out East.

The setup with the tent trailer and tent.

Alice, Estelle and Sophia taking credit for someone else's sand castle...
Making stone soup on a hot afternoon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Father's Day at La Fabrique

Our Mad Scientist and Inventor Day requested a trip to the Science Center in Montreal. Guy checked out the gaming exhibit and virtual reality helmet then we put all our heads together to engineer solutions to the Fabrik challenges. This is an excellent, interactive exhibit, and perfectly suited to the girls' age levels. Sol was in town to help our with the spatial reasoning and artistic side of things!

Las fresas!

With the return of Sol fresh from his far-reaching travels, we headed out to the berry patch with a load of little pickers to gather (and EAT!) as many juicy jewels as we could.

The end product was strawberry shortcake, milkshakes, jam and (eventually) smoothies and muffins.

Next up, Gran and Grandad's blueberries in late July.

Into the WILD!!

Truth be told, our camping is not very wild, but actually quite civilized. We lucked out and got a last-minute spot at the Morin-Heights campground for two nights in early July. It was great fun to walk the trails along the creek, take a dip in the frigid pool, and swing (safely harnessed in) in the trees.

It's so nice to see how independent the girls are getting; as they headed off to the bathrooms and park by themselves. Next step is making new friends at the campsite - scary!!

Visit from Gran and Grandad

Books and stickers.

Where's your rock hammer Guy?


All-day baked beans!

Ready to climb.

Hold on Alice!

Guy the acrobat...

Wobbly, wobbly...

Can you spot the tiny fairy house?