Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just Swimmingly

It's been a bit of a struggle getting everyone out of the house so early on Saturday morning, but we've stuck with it and we're convinced the girls are better off for it!

Estelle was terrified of the diving board for the first 5 lessons and refused to jump. Then suddenly at lesson 6 she blossomed and jumped, of her own accord, 3 times in a row. Go figure!

Way to go girls!!! Care for another session?

South Americans wear Tuques

Super Secret South American Sojourn

What a lucky treat to travel to a warm, exotic location in the middle of February.
Lucy visited a mine in South America - can't say where, but there was an oxygen tank in my room and lots of beef to eat...

Mi casa

El Carnaval

We had a couple of hours to kill so checked out a famous and beautiful cemetary

The tomb of Eva Peron

Dog and woman buried here?!?