Monday, July 23, 2012

New Home Visitors

It was a busy weekend with many important visitors spending some quality time outside.

The Lavergnes looking for some shade.

All the Grandparents in together. The chairs were meant for the Grandmothers, but the bosses had not been consulted.

Nothing quite so mesmerizing as an open flame.

Father and son.

A slightly older and super cool cousin can have a big influence on a young impressionable mind. I think you could do worse.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something Smells Fishy

We've been progressively removing the flotation on Alice's swim kit. Today was the first day that she swam sans flotation. Pretty amazing. She was trying to touch the bottom of the pool and swim across the pool in all directions. We are very proud.

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Home Improvements

The jobs just keep coming. Some big ones have been checked off though.

A cork board in the kitchen to display all the kid art.

Leveling of the strip of land the city sold us. The shed still needs to be moved back.

Laminate flooring in the family room. 

Lots of gardening, front and back. Lots of help too.

Shelving in the family room.

Shed is moved back and a layer of soil laid down. There was some trenching to install the pop-out sprinklers.

I think the trenching was worth it if just see them running around for half an hour non stop.

9m wide and really long.

Really really long.
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Backyard Party

We had an outdoor party to gather everyone from Guy's office before people started going in all directions for vacations.

New record for youngest person in the pool.

New record for most people in the pool.

We could really use a bigger yard...

Yann brought his "Slack Line", which is essentially a portable tightrope. We found a great spot in the park beside our house.
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