Sunday, February 18, 2018

Christmas at Hogwarts

Just after Christmas we jetted down to Florida for four fun-filled, yet surprisingly cold days at Universal Studios and Disney.

The butterbeer was delicious, the Hogwarts Express was exciting and the wand wizardry was most exceptional! Here are some snaps to back it all up...

(Avatar: we like the ride; hated the wait)

Winter 2018

Supper out with Lucy's work friends. There was a baby that needed some attention. The girls obliged.

We were invited with Dad's work to a suite at a Habs game for family day. So we were spoiled, especially when the desert cart came around. You can see Alice peeking behind the cart.

It was a nice day for a skate in the woods in St Sauveur.

Not sure who is helping who here.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Welcom Prince Quilliam

After delivering a Power Point presentation that would challenge some Wall Street board members, the girls convinced us let them have a pet... hedgehog?!? A strange choice, yes, but they were certain this prickly critter could be loved and cuddled (and not walked outside in -30 degree weather), so we agreed. 

It was a long wait after Christmas, but last night we drove halfway across Montreal to the breeder's house and picked up their 2 month old treasure. 

So far he hasn't come out of his hiding spot much, and we're learning how to handle and care for him, but the girls have been patient and gentle so we're off to a good start.

Driving home with precious cargo

On hedgehog watch

Monday, January 01, 2018

Christmas is for family!


It's been a bitterly cold Christmas holiday all across Canada. Somehow, brave Guy has kept up his cross-country skiing in our backyard.

This is how he returns from a night ski:

Creative Kids

(Estelle's comments on potential cars when we needed to replace the Versa...)

Birthday party invites by Estelle

The sound of Christmas Magic

The girls are on their third year of piano lessons. It's a little tough getting practice time fit into the schedule, but their skills are coming along great.

Here is Estelle playing her Christmas carol. It's perfect and she is so proud!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Winter is coming.

Celebrating Wendy 's birthday at the chalet with all the family. 

Alice as Catness

Estelle as devil

Electric parking

Estelle 's breakfast in bed 
Birthday wishes


Winter walk