Sunday, June 29, 2008

They came, they played, they're gone!

A few weeks ago, Lucy's Aunt Jane and her family came to stay with us for a week for the "event of the summer" (Katherine and Ben's wedding - if you're waiting for the photos, it won't be long!)

Alice was most ecstatic to see two smiling little faces when she woke up the first morning. Two full-time playmates - delivered right to her home! The three girls played together, ate at the picnic table, read books, and braved the chilly swimming pool.

Amy and Jessica

Reading the "Gruffalo"
Splashy good times!

Family dinner

Jumpy Jump!

Only a few short hours ago, we were at the Maclaurin's for an incredible birthday party. There were games of every kind (pin the tail on the donkey, pass-the-parcel, bobbing for apples, potato painting, a pinata...), yummy food, and best of all - lots of fun kids to play with.

Okay, the truth is that the best part was the JUMPY JUMP!!! Alice went crazy for this inflatable thing, and would barely let any other kids in to have a turn (two at a time - set to a timer!) By the end of her run, she was drenched in sweat, and completely exhausted.

That's our little circus acrobat!

Neo - in Red

(from the Matrix, for those of your who didn't guess...)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Une nouvelle amie

La semaine passé nous sommes allées visiter des amis de travail. Voici Alice qui joue avec la belle petite Joéllie. Elles se sont bien amusées à colorier, et a faire des casses-têtes ensembles.

Alice apprends toujours à partager...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

See you soon...

... little sister!

Our second little snail-catcher will be born on or about November 12. And since we already know what she'll be wearing (the boxes of baby girl clothes in storage) the only questions remain:

1. Will she have Guy's brown eyes?
2. Will she have Lucy's big feet? or,
3. Will she have Alice's silly dance moves?

Don't be shy!

A 2.84 cm foot (don't worry - there is another one)

That tiny foot scratching an even smaller nose!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vive la St-Jean!

Five reasons why I love staying home for a very long weekend with my beautiful daughter:

1. Sharing in her delight every time we walk by the piddly little fountain at the end of our street.

2. Introducing her to the sprinkler on a hot summer day!

3. Ordering out from St-Hubert bbq and watching her devour mounds of fries drenched in ketchup

4. Going to the park and playing on the swings, see-saw, slides and with the "noculas" (binoculars on the play structure)

5. Watching her read books to herself and to her dollies...

Lucky me!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chilly - but we're having fun

A shot of Guy and his water baby a few days before he left. The water was cool, but the was no stopping these two from performing their synchronised swimming routine.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big shoes to fill

Dad's summer field rotations have begun, so he is away for the next 3 weeks...

Alice is doing her best to stay strong and to be the silly joker in the family. Miss you already!

(Check it out: turtles on top, and frogs on the bottom. We just invented a new pair of pyjamas!)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ladies who lunch

Last weekend we celebrated in style at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. The occasion? A wedding of course! We were toasting the bride-to-be, Katherine, as her wedding is next weekend... It seems like not so long ago we were celebrating Katherine and Ben's engagement, and now it's time to don our heels and fill our champagne flutes - for a huge party Potter-Trudel style.

Danielle, Charleen and Katherine

Katherine and her tower of dainties

Ladies working on the recipe scrapbook

Mother of the bride and her firstborn

Snail catching

A favorite pastime these past few weeks has been to search for snails in the garden and then send them "swimming" in the nearby drains. We're not sure yet if this is a good lesson to be teaching her... Any parenting gurus out there?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

More fun with Mémé & Pépé

Time flies when you're having fun with your relatives from Manitoba...

Mémé and Pépé came all this way to hang out with Alice in her cardboard box house! They had such a good time drinking tea, reading books and looking for snails in the garden. We even managed to squeeze in a few outings to stroll the boutiques in Westmount, to visit the park and animals at Centre de la Nature, and to take a trip to Ikea for goodies.
Merci pour la belle visite!

Dinner with all four of my grandparents, and I'm at the head of the table!
Lucky me...

My irresponsible parents forgot my bib and yet still gave me pea soup to eat!

At least we had a backup shirt.

Merci Pépé for pushing me endlessly on the swing!

A portion of the new park near our house.

Getting my toes sandy with Mémé.